Top 10 Unusual Traits that Potential Serial Killers Share

Given the indescribable ways they use to torture and eventually assassinate their victims as well as the fact that most serial killers appear normal, happy and sociable, many asked themselves whether these vicious criminals have some trademarks to make them easier to identify.

Top 10 Unusual Risks During Pregnancy

This article examines the unusual risks that women face during pregnancy. It sets out to enlighten women and couples about risks. Precautions should be taken at all times.

Top 10 Unusual Things Lost on Public Transit

You would expect people to forget wallets, money, bags, cell phones and mp3 players on the public transport system. You, however, would be surprised how many people would forget other items, such as these.

Top 10 Unusual Questions In Sex Ed Classes

Sex Ed classes are most popular in schools. It is here that many students begin to understand the meaning of sex and conception. Students and adolescents are intuitive. They explore things and desire to know the answers.

Top 10 Unusual Pets

Many families treat their pets as if they were their own children. Many pets have been popularized on TV shows such as the Simpsons where the family owns a dog, cat and a pig at one point. Others may go to the extremes and buy themselves a rat or even a skunk to use as a pet. It was quite common in the past as it is today to buy a pig for a pet in a rural area. As such, here are the top 10 unusual pets people welcome into their homes. Raise your hand if you have one of these.

Top Ten Unusual Collections

Collecting things and interesting items imaginable is one of the most common and oldest fixations of many people. There are those people who find...