Top 10 Instances Where the U.S. was a War Hungry Drunk

Mike Gravel quoted the U.S. as being war hungry drunk. He believes his country is a drunkard who declares war on anyone who poses a threat to them. Additionally, he believes that the United States is an imperialistic nation which is going downhill. This could be true, especially in the case of Great Britain during WWII.

Top 10 Unconventional Weapons

Waging a conventional war means using conventional weapons such as guns, tanks, bombs etc. We no longer see conventional weapons used as means to end war or to commit a crime. Unconventional weapons are used to put the final blow to the enemy and to commit crimes of assault, murder etc.

Top 10 Battle Tanks

Tanks have revolutionized the battlefield making the static warfare a thing of the past. Now an army can capture an entire country in weeks or days...