Top 10 Uncanny Last Words

This article examines 10 uncanny last words from people we may or may not remember for good or bad reasons. Let’s see if you agree. Be sure to comment about your likes and dislikes.

Top 10 Words And Phrases To Put In A Game Of Charades

Charades is a game fun to play, especially during house parties, family and friend gathering and school outings. They bring events into liveliness, especially when thought out carefully. Here are 10 words and phrases one should consider when playing.

Top 10 Commonly Used English Words

I examined Oxford English Dictionary’s list of top 30 words commonly used in the English language. I then put their statistics and findings to the test. I randomly chose 2 monologues and 2 newspaper articles with excerpts of 100 words each.

Top 10 Famous Quotes

So many people have said some very memorable things, and this list does not contain those; instead it is a top ten list of quotes that really should...