Top 10 SEO Tools To Bring Your Site On Page One Of Google

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You spent hundreds of dollars for launching and developing your website, but your site never showed up on the first page of the search engine! You have the best layout, used completely optimized content and have appointed SEO professionals to get your site optimized properly. Though you have made the best efforts to get your site on the first page of the search engines, you have not gotten the desired result. If you want to increase the traffic and page rank of the site, you need to bring your site on top. For that you need to understand the recommended strategies for optimization. Search engine optimization is a dynamic process that keeps on changing from time to time. The strategy that is best at the moment might become obsolete after a few days. To understand the changing trend of the search engine optimization, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the process. However, acquiring in depth knowledge of the process is not always possible for a layman. And, in that case, you can surely check out the top ten SEO tools you need to get your website on the first page of major search engines.


1. Site Map Generator

Launching a site is not enough. You need to notify the major search engines about your new site, and thus provide easy access to their crawlers. So you need to generate a map of your site by using a site map generator tool.


2. Keyword Tool

On-site optimization of a web page is very important, and for that you need to target proper keywords for the site. To attract traffic and to increase the popularity of your site, you should find an authentic keyword tool that can help you generate required keywords for the site.


3. Keyword Density Checker Tool

Targeting a set of keywords is not all. For proper optimization, you need to understand the density of each keyword. You need to use the keywords depending on their density. To maintain the required keyword density, you need to use proper keyword density tool.


4. Back Link Checker

To increase the ranking of your site, you need to acquire more back links to yours site. If you want to count the back links of your site and get it compared with the back link count of a competitor website, you need to use back link checker. However, if you want to know the back link count of only your site, you can check out your webmaster tools.


5. Page Rank Checker

Use page rank checker tool if you want to know whether your site is properly optimized or not. Experts say, a site, which has page rank of three or more is a good site. If you have launched a new site, it will take some time to reach the targeted page rank, but checking the ranking of the page at regular intervals will keep you aware of recent developments.


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