Top 10 Reasons to Love Corporate Life

When Barney Stinson comes out in a suit, all the people in the world drop their jaws in awe. That suit, dear friends, has been symbolic of one particular sector for a long time. Corporate sector. There is a never ending rise of a world as a global village. The corporate sector of any nation to a large extent defines its position on the world map. The contribution of corporate to a country’s GDP is also of pivotal importance. The corporate life is also very fast paced. This sector has given employment opportunities to a large number of people all over the globe. Yet, there is something about it that people have started detesting it and the internet is filled with people cribbing over their corporate lives. In the world where there already is gloom and despair is looming large on people’s lives due to economic or personal crisis, we do not believe that we should make your lives all the more horrible. After all every dark cloud has a silver lining. We are here to tell you about the benefits of a corporate life. As Steve Jobs would have said, how corporate leaders can make a dent in the universe.

The top 10 reasons to love corporate life are:


1. The ‘P-A-Y’!

The 'P-A-Y'

If we talk about the corporate life and we do not talk about money that is as absurd as a Smartphone with a fully charged battery. The corporate firms are famous worldwide for their humungous turns-over. No wonder, their employees partake in that filthy amount of money too. The pay in corporate world is the best that you can get. And yes, this is not even a thing that needs to be told out loud. It is a fact that is so evident that it contributes to a large extent in attracting the youth to pick up a corporate life. Who says that corporate life is not meant to be loved?


2. Discipline Factor

Discipline Factor

The one thing that corporate firms are famous for is the strictness that goes deep into the very fabric of the sector. The entire sector has, at its foundation, discipline and punctuality. These aspects are formulated into a set of rules and regulations that are needed to be followed by all the employees, irrespective of their respective positions in the company. A corporate life teaches one to be punctual and disciplined. It teaches one the true value of time as the sword of deadline hangs upon their heads. It also teaches one to be responsible for one’s actions. It allows people to have a sense of self-reliance so that they are fully aware of keeping their senses intact and perform accordingly.


3. Pats on the Back

Pats On The Back

The hustle bustle of a corporate office oozes with motivation and appreciation. The colleagues give an individual a much needed push to work in a better manner. Despite the fierce competitiveness amongst the workers, people do appreciate each other’s work and do not hesitate to give a pat on the back. This highly motivated environment helps a person to develop his/her confidence to its optimum level. The self-esteem that is gained through working in corporate sector is something that one cherishes life long as it helps one in the long run consistently.


4. Talent Enhancer

Talent Enhancer

The deadlines, the pressure, the risks, the millions and billions at stake, all help an individual to test their stress handling capacity. They can improve their skills to the best level. The experience that a corporate life provides is completely unmatchable. It requires you to wander in your “mind palace” and be innovative in any and every assignment that you undertake. Moreover, the companies go to the extent of training the employees, in order to cater to the needs of the company. It also keeps the capabilities and particular talent of an individual in mind while training them, so that the person can polish his/her talent and shine out in the corporate world.


5. Hail Corporate!

Hail Corporate

The corporate life is one that is highly respectable. A corporate man or a woman is always looked at with a green eye by the people around. At parties, a person who is from the corporate world is always celebrated to be a successful person. There is always a liking that is attached with the world of huge firms. And certainly, one always loves to be associated with a sector that is highly respectable. Thereby, the corporate life is a life that one can enjoy with great attitude.


6. Class-A Treatment

Class-A Treatment

The corporate office comes with a lot of perks. These perks are generally considered to be as bait set to lure workers to the workstation that is otherwise considered to be analogous to hell. However, the sunny side is that there are these perks. Be it the epicurean cafeteria or the glitzy office, the entire corporate life screams of luxury. A corporate person gets to wear suits that are synonymous with sexy power. The treatment of employees by a corporate firm is always a high-end one and better than that by any other sector.


7. The Survivor


If you love Darwin and his theory on survival of the fittest, then you ought to love corporate life. It is famous for the cut-throat competition that it is surrounded with. It depends upon the worker as to how he/she deals with this sort of competition. One might develop a persecution complex in such surroundings. Or one might just emerge out as a victorious warrior from this battlefield of competitiveness. Due to this sort of atmosphere, one is bound to push oneself to the limits and beyond. This prepares a person to face the competition in life outside the cubicle. In this corporate life, you thereby learn a very important lesson of life, that is, the world is cruel and you need to somehow find a way to survive in it.  And that way is none other than staying the fittest.


8. Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Another reason why you should love corporate life is that it allows room to develop one’s personality in myriad aspects. The corporate world and its pressures help a person to inculcate the very important quality of being patient. People are expected to maintain their calm in difficult situations and lead the team in the best way possible. Being able to perform as a good and just leader is a quality that one can imbibe with experience in the corporate life very easily. In this manner, the corporate life helps a person in an overall manner and does not end only with profit and loss.


9. Promotion Policy

Promotion Policy

The corporate world has a straight jacket rule laid down describing all the nuances of getting a promotion. The process is explained to the employee with all its intricacies at the very beginning. The entire system is a very transparent one. If you want to go up the ladder in your professional life by being a big time sycophant, then the corporate world is probably not meant for you. The corporate life offers a consistent growth to an individual. As years pass and one gains experience, one’s promotion is bound to take place. In corporate life, your efforts do not go wasted and are given due recognition.


10. A Matter of Time

Matter Of Time

Undoubtedly, this is that part of a corporate job that is surely devised in a very smart and employee friendly manner. A person involved in the corporate sector is bound to work only for a limited period of time. In order to leave no room for discrepancies, this time period is also defined strictly in the contract that is signed between the employer and the employee. However, sometimes the employee is expected to work for some extra hours too. But, most of the time, they are paid for the extra effort that they have put or at least, they do get some sort of recognition from the boss. As soon as the clock ticks your time, you can just run away like Cinderella! And no, your boss will not come after you with a shoe in her/his hand.

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