Top 10 Forgotten US Presidents

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There are various presidents in US history who were not as famous as Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Within their short and sometimes long tenure as President they left one or two important historical marks which should be noted. Here are the top 10 forgotten but yet important US presidents.


1. John Hanson:

Many believe George Washington was the first President of the United States. They are wrong in this fact as Washington was the first president of the independent country. The title belongs to John Hanson, whom many US History books forget to mention. He was elected as the first Presiding Officer to the Continental Congress during the revolutionary wars in 1781. He was also the one to order all foreign flags to be banned from US property.


2. William Henry Harrison:

He was the 9th President of the United States and the first President to die in office 32 days after his inauguration. Wearing no overcoat and no hat on a wet and cold day, Harrison spoke the longest speech in US history which was timed at 2 hours. This caused Harrison to catch pneumonia and septicaemia, which began to affect Harrison 3 weeks after. He made history with his precedent to elect the Vice-President as President when the current elected President cannot do his job. The 25th commandment was finally enacted after the Kennedy Assassination.


3. John Tyler:

Not many would know a John Tyler or would ever think he was President of the United States once. His term was short and brief as he replaced President Harrison after the latter’s death. He took office during a constitutional crisis which discussed the succession to Presidency by the Vice-President. He also was the President who annexed Texas into the United States. He however caused and stimulated the Mexican American war.


4. William Taft:

This 300lb President was the 27th to be elected. He was the fattest and tallest President to take office. He is most famous for his 16th Amendment which allowed the Congress to Levy Taxes. He was also famous for being the only handpicked President of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt appointed him Secretary of States in the hopes of making him a President one day.


5. Warren G. Harding:

This president did everything in his power to undo the dreams and peacekeeping and making work his predecessor Woodrow Wilson achieved. With disdain, he rejected the idea of League of Nations which held peace around the world for 21 years. Although quoted as being sensitive to minorities and women by Carl S. Anthony, 1998 polls rate him as the worst president. The unemployment rate staggered during his presidency.


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