Top 10 Stars Who Wear Wigs

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Female celebrities have long been wearing wigs over their heads, from Tina Turner to Cher. Both Tina Turner and Chere were a bit older when their blatant wig-wearing began and they were appealing to a somewhat older demographic. Gaga and the very young crowd who know wear wigs are going straight for the teen jugular, an audience that generally tries to copy the look of its stars with more enthusiasm. Plus, not all of these women of previous eras were quite so obvious with their wig-wearing. I must confess that I was astounded when Beyoncé and Adele were revealed to be wig-wearers. I never thought I would ever see Tina Turner’s natural hair.

The list looks at celebrities who wear wigs, extensions and weaves. If you deny the validity of this article, zoom in closely at each celebrity photo and you will know what I mean.


1. Beyonce Knowles:

Beyonce was made famous as the lead singer for Destiny’s Child. She is an accomplished actress, R&B Singer and Artist, who has won 16 Grammy’s and 11 MTV Awards. She tops this chart as a celebrity who wears lace wigs.

Beyonce is what I call a repeat offender when it comes to a visible lace-front. With all the practice she’s had wearing wigs, you would think she’d know how to make her wig tape unnoticeable. Google Beyonce and wig tape and you will see what I mean. It’s so obvious that the hair is not real.


2. Taylor Swift:

Swift has been an accomplished actress and country singer since 2006. Her hair is curly, but many of her photos show extensions and the use of wigs.


3. Katie Sagal:

When Sagal played Peggy Bundy on the TV show Married with Children, the puffy hair was not hers. In fact, the red hair was a wig that she put on every time she filmed on screen. One can view her real hair on 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.


4. Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga is also known for her wigs and glamorous style of clothing. There are several photos of her shown on the internet with her real hair. While singing Hair, she was televised as both bald and wigged and with a wig tied down to a statute of Eiffel Tower.

But is there anyone who isn’t gaga for GAGA? Her obvious talent along with her unique fashion and hairstyles have certainly become an icon. Now fans can emulate Lady Gaga with our wide array of officially licensed costumes, wigs and accessories because the wigs are being sold all across the internet. The Lady Gaga Straight Wig with Bangs is said to be an ideal accessory to complete the look of a fan’s Lady Gaga costume.


5. Tina Turner:

Rumors have surfaced stating that Tina Turner suffers from alopecia universalis. Many of her shows do indeed include wigs, but her real hair is used most of the time. It all depends on the theme.

In 1998, Oprah packed up her show and followed Tina Turner across the United States, living out one of her wildest dreams. To complete what Oprah calls the “ultimate groupie story,” she began wearing a wig that was designed to look like Tina Turner’s signature hairstyle. Wow!


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