Top 10 Most Enduring Tennis Stars

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6. Andre Agassi (USA)

Andre Agassi

One of the few champions to prove their mettle on all surfaces, Andre Kirk Agassi won eight Grand Slam singles tournaments and one Olympic Gold singles title. Andre retired at the age of 36 after a successful and cherished tennis career.


7.  Rod Laver (Australia)

Rod Laver

Australia has produced some of the finest tennis players and Rod Laver undoubtedly leads all of them. Even before the Open era began, Laver was known for his magnificent court play. Eventually Laver went on to win 11 Grand Slam singles titles, including the French Open.


8. Rafael Nadal (Spain)

Rafael Nadal

If there is one player who can surpass Federer’s greatness today, it has to be Nadal. The Spaniard is known for his incredible physical stamina and strength and his rivalry with Federer often reminds fans of the Sampras- Agassi days.


9. Roger Federer (Switzerland)

Roger Federer

Whatever one says about the greatness of Roger will always remain an understatement. The Swiss tennis star has already created history in the sport and is widely recognized as the greatest player ever. With 14 titles, a record 237 weeks and as of July 2009, another Wimbledon final, for Federer even sky is not the limit.


10. Pete Sampras (USA)

Pete Sampras

With 14 Grand Slam titles, equalled now by Federer, Sampras is perhaps top on this list not because of his records, but because of his game. The fierce rivalry that he shared with Andre Agassi uncovered his full calibre on many occasions over his 15 years in tennis. With a number of records still unbroken, Sampras can be safely called the most enduring player ever yet.

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