Top 10 Mileage Cars

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These days fuel efficient cars are in great demand. Car manufacturers are therefore competing with each other to give car buyers a choice in terms of other features along with fuel efficiency. Today you will get many cars that are not only fuel efficient but are also comfortable, safe and are fun to drive. Still when car buyers plan to buy a car that is popular for its fuel efficiency they also look for added features as well. Here in this article a brief sketch is given about the top 10 cars that are sought after for fuel efficiency as well as their extra features.


1. Audi A4

The first on the list is the Audi A4 which according to EPA returns fantastic mileage per gallon (MPG) both in city and highway driving conditions. One can get 23 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway from the Audi A4. This car has a four-cylinder engine under the bonnet and is powered by turbocharger. Another added feature is that it has got direct fuel injection system. You can derive 258 lb-ft of torque from this car and the acceleration is great even while returning good fuel economy figures. It is also available as a station wagon variant.  If you go for looks and would like to enjoy your drive then Audi a4 is the car you should go for.


2. BMW 335d

The BMW 335d which is next on the list returns 23 and 36 MPG in the city and highway respectively. Apart from its fuel economy you will love its power and torque. Rev up the engine and it will develop 425 lb-ft which is much more than many other cars in its class. Acceleration is also fast without compromising on fuel economy. The BMW 335d by far is the best car in the diesel segment that is currently being sold in USA.


3. Chevrolet Volt

Though the fuel efficiency figures of the Chevrolet Volt are yet to be declared by EPA yet it sounds promising given the fact that this car runs on twin power mode (electric motor and gasoline). That’s right; you don’t have to use fuel at least up to 40 miles. Thereafter you can switch over to gas. This can be an ideal car for people who have to commute short distances everyday. Now they don’t have to fill gas as they used to earlier.


4. Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta which is available in both automatic and manual transmission variants returns fantastic figures (29 MPG for city and 40 for highway) though the automatic one returns a bit higher. The three great things about the Ford Fiesta are its size, price and fuel efficiency. The car looks good too and takes on the curves smoothly. You will love to drive this car for your everyday errands.


5. Ford Fusion Hybrid

Returning 41 and 36 MPG in the city and the highway respectively the Ford Fusion Hybrid is perhaps one of the most popular hybrid cars. It offers high mileage that can be expected from a hybrid and at the same time it gives the pleasure of a mid-size sedan. The car is spacious and good to drive. The dashboard is user-friendly and the other gizmos give that technological aura. If you are looking for a car that has everything packaged into one then it should be Ford Fusion Hybrid.


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