Top 10 Interesting Facts About Whitney Houston

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It is with great sadness that we lost another superstar with such a fascinating voice and with some of the biggest potential in the music and the entertainment industry. Houston like Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse left us too soon. Let them not die in vain and let’s remember a lesson or two on drug abuse.


1. Multiple Awards:

Houston has won 6 Grammys, 30 Billboard awards and 22 American Music Awards. The most famous songs were I Will Always Love You and Your Love is My Love.


2. Church Gospel:

She began singing in her church in gospel choir in Newark, New Jersey at age 11. Clive Davis who was having a party at the time of her death found her fame.


3. Collapse before Death:

National Enquirer covered a story 2 days before Houston’s death. She was seen in public, out of place and being tipsy while trying to get into her car. When in the car, she collapsed. Many feared she had a relapse. In fact one person even asked if they should call the police. She had a good performance, but was too dishevelled with blood on her leg right after.


4. Houston viewed the cover page:

Houston viewed the cover page right before her death. She was in the gift shop of the hotel. She was quite distraught.


5. El DeBarge & Whitney Houston:

Elda Barge spoke to Houston in an embrace the Thursday before her death. Houston was adamant on getting help and specified that she was in trouble. She wanted Barge to help her get through her troubles the way that he did.


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