Top 10 Strangest Foods You Should Try

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Humans are known for their strange eating habits, as they are able to eat almost everything that is there in the food chain. Every day, we discover new food sources and love trying new things. But the question is: how could someone dine eating things that are creepy, strange and which look disgusting.

You may want to try at least some of the food choices on the list before you die. You can really say that you have lived your life to the fullest and have experienced the cultures in multiple countries and not just one.

So here is the list of 10 strangest foods you should try at least once.


1. Fried-brain sandwich:

This is generally a sandwich with sliced calves’ brains on sliced bread. Thinly sliced fried slabs on white toast became global on menus in St. Louis, Missouri, after the rise of the city’s stockyards in the late 1880s. Although the demand and popularity has decreased, some of the restaurants still serve it.

The dish also remains popular in the Ohio River valley where it is served heavily battered on hamburger buns. Mom and pop restaurants in Evansville, Indiana still serve the dishes as well.


2. Fogu:

The sea offers a number of strange aphrodisiacs. One of the weirdest and also the deadliest sea creature is referred to as the blowfish or the fugu. Japanese chefs must be specially licensed to prepare and serve this somewhat deadly delicacy. Studies have demonstrated that the toxins in this aphrodisiac can be more lethal than cyanide, causing the mouth to become numb. As the numb wears off, people tend to experience a lingering tingling on their lips and inside their cheeks.

Why the popularity? The tingling causes sexual arousal.


3. Drunken Shrimp:

This is one of the cruellest, but very popular dishes in China. The shrimps are eaten alive and are prepared in strong liquor called bajiu to make it easier for consumption. It is served in different types of fast food restaurants and can be prepared in just 30 seconds. If you are not up for this, you can try marinating the shrimps in alcohol and eat them dead.

Be forewarned that if your body is not used to eating uncooked shellfish, you shouldn’t try it. It could pose a health hazard and a risk of paragonimiasis.


4. Bugs:

There is a term for eating insects and it is called entomophagy. It is fairly common in many parts of the world, except in Europe and North America. It is not too uncommon to find vendors who sell fried grasshoppers, crickets, spiders and worms on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. It was even popularized on the television shows called “Fear Factor” and “Survivor”.

If you are on a diet, you should know that insects are high in protein and consist of important fatty acids and vitamins. Next time you drink something and notice a dead fly inside, don’t get scared. It may be healthy to eat it. 😀


5. Sea Slugs:

If you are in Korea, you might want to try their delicacy, a sea slug. Koreans would slice them into pieces, throw away the utu and give you the fish with a yellow sauce in a cup. It is crunchy and tastes like radish.

If you are wondering what sea slugs are, they are basically saltwater snails that lack a shell or have only an internal shell. It is a paraphyletic name used for various lineages of marine gastropod mollusks that are either non-conchiferous or appear not to be non-conchiferous.


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