Top 10 False Beliefs About Medication And Drugs

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6. Drugs have no negative effect on pregnancy

In fact, taking drugs during the pregnancy period is highly discouraged especially because the substances that your body metabolizes will partially break through the placenta shield and reach the fetus. Because his organism is not yet fully developed, there is no way of predicting the negative effects of the drugs. In addition to that, the same applies to the utilization of drugs during the breastfeeding period.


7. The drug abuser demographic consists entirely of men of middle age

Nobody is actually certain what the origin of this misconception was, but it most probably emerged from the television shows that used middle age men and teens to concoct drug abuse stories. Nevertheless, if you can take a quick look at the statistics, you will notice that this demographic is not any higher among drug abusers compared to the rest. In other words, age and sex are not indicators for the propensity of an individual towards drugs.


8. Drug addiction is not a serious problem

Becoming addicted to a substance has a plethora of negative consequences on virtually all aspects of a person’s life, from social relations and interactions to severe health complications. The damage of an addiction intensifies in direct proportion to its duration and, in the most severe cases, it can actually lead to death. Therefore, while certain factions make a habit of minimizing the negative implications of drug abuse/addiction and present a romanticized version of the story, keep in mind that the addict is sure to lose control over his free will and to become dependent on a harmful substance.


9. Following detoxification, the brain pathways recover completely

Completely false, especially for people who are addicted to the particularly potent and hazardous substances contained by illegal drugs. The only thing that will fade and eventually disappear after a prolonged period of soberness is the physical withdrawal symptomatology. The pain may subside, but there is also permanent damage done to the cortex that will persist throughout your entire life. In addition to that, there are other negative effects on the overall health of your organism (heart and circulatory system problems, lung issues, stomach conditions, etc.).


10. Drugs do not have the same effect on your driving ability as alcohol

While everybody agrees that driving and alcohol don’t mix because this substance impairs the reflexes and coordination, some state that mild hallucinogenic drugs or perception enhancers are beneficial. This is not a statement that the medical community agrees with because every drug, no matter how mild, determines a loss of driving performance. The distorted vision, the diminished attention span and the excessively relaxed muscles will make the driver unable to avoid a potentially dangerous situation in time. This does not only refer strictly to illegal drugs because, if you read the recommendations on certain prescription medication, you will notice that the usage of some OTC products is not advisable prior to driving or operating heavy machinery.


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