Top 10 Coolest Sci-Fi Gadgets That Should Be Invented

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6. The phasers from the Star Trek television series

Another weapon, this time from the Star Trek world, the phaser can also be regarded as a multipurpose tool. It has shoot to kill settings, it can act as a stun gun and you could also use it as a blowtorch that cuts through the most durable materials. Very few alien species presented in Star Trek were actually immune or able to withstand a phaser blast.


7. The “point of view” guns seen in “A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”

The “point of view” gun is not really a weapon, but rather a communication enhancer. To put it simply, its main role is to make your interlocutor see things from your perspective after firing at them. The “Guide” informs readers that the original purpose of the weapon was to help in the search for the answer to life, but ended up being utilized by the Consortium of Angry Housewives in order to make their oblivious and insensible husbands understand their point of view.


8. The Holodeck from the Star Trek series

Holodecks are the virtual reality simulators of the Star Trek universe and also one of best representations of the concept in the entire sci-fi world. The primary application of the Holodeck was entertainment, but in several episodes it also helps the team solve mysteries and recuperate from various emotional traumas.


9. Doctor Who’s Tardis

The only thing better than simulating any reality you choose is being able to visit any point in time and space. That is exactly what Doctor Who’s ship – the Tardis – permits you to do, but the only setback of the vehicle consists of its inability to travel between parallel universes without generating a fissure in the fabric of time and space. The impenetrable, immovable and indestructible ship is also a living creature with a mind and soul of its own.


10. The Neuralyzer in the Men in Black trilogy

Even though the Men in Black movie trilogy introduced a myriad of advanced technological gadgets, the Neuralyzer will always be the most popular one. This little device has the ability to wipe out the short term memory of a person and its role is to help the MIB agency in preventing the public discovery of aliens on our planet. However, the negative potential of the Neuralyzer makes it difficult to believe that scientists would make it available to the world in the event that they could actually create it.


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