Top 10 Important Tips When Planning a Wedding

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Wedding is the second most important event in one’s life after their Graduation. It is like the next level after which your entire life changes. Your happiness gets added, your sorrows get divided, your love gets multiplied and problems get subtracted. To make this one event memorable, one goes to the very extend of making a very lavish wedding in an exotic location with different cuisines. Here I’m going to give some tips on the most important factors to be regarded while planning for a wedding. Have a good read.


1. Date


Date. This is first most important thing in a wedding planning. In the current age, both the bride and groom are working in companies where getting a leave for the wedding can be hectic issue. There are three things one needs to be sure while selecting the date. Firstly, the date shouldn’t be soon so that it doesn’t give your relatives and friends time to book the tickets; also creates problems while booking for the venue, accommodation, food and photography. Give some considerable amount of time to arrange for all the necessary things that needs to be done for a wedding. Secondly, it shouldn’t be during peak summer or winter season; during these peak times it would be difficult to cope with the extreme weather and if you are looking for a theme wedding, sometimes it wouldn’t match with such extreme weather conditions. Lastly, look for dates during weekends; everyone goes for jobs and kids go to school. Keeping a wedding during weekday will make them think twice before attending their wedding. After all why not prefer a whole week for celebrations and the wedding ending in a fun filled weekend!


2. Venue


This is one of the most important aspects of a wedding without which a wedding is not possible to happen. Venue is the place where you conduct a wedding. Be it a farm house, a wedding hall, a church, a temple, a beach resort or anything; one should make sure the venue should be according the capacity of the person who is booking it. These venues can also be selected according to the bride and groom’s wishes too. If they feel getting married in a sacred place they should opt for such a place. Another factor when you select the wedding venue you should keep in mind is the place where you keep it. Some people opt for beach resorts in exotic places which are far away from their native place, so this might cause a little problem for your relatives who come from a very far off place. Venues can be tagged as second in the list of wedding tips, obviously after the date of wedding; which needs to be thoroughly planned. After the venue is selected one should make sure the venue is available for the particular season, especially when it is a much sorted and famous venue where most of the weddings in a season happen. The place and availability factor is very important while choosing a venue.


3. Venue decoration

Venue decoration

Mostly after you choose the venue, next thing you need to check whether the venue organizers provides for the decoration as a package for booking the venue. Most of them do provide for the venue decoration which you need to select from the catalog they have. It shows combinations of various colors, flowers, decorations, etc. out of which you can select them according to theme you select for your wedding. Theme weddings are in trend and it varies from beach weddings to season weddings, from color weddings to off-beat weddings. If you select a theme wedding, everything changes right from the entrance to the stage. So selecting a well-planned theme would be of an importance. But there are few rare cases where the venue doesn’t provide with the decorations in their package. Don’t worry about that. There are many companies which will solve this problem and you can approach them after doing a little research on their work. After all venue decorations should shine out throughout the celebrations along with the bride and groom.


4. Dress


While getting married, you want to look at your best and presentable. Especially the girls, they would want to wear something really nice which makes them look beautiful. Your wedding dress needs to be something very elegant and simple but at the same time bring out the gracefulness and charm from within. To choose a dress it might take some time since getting the material and getting it stitched would take a considerable amount of time. The material needs to be of a good quality and not something which gets spoiled soon. Giving the stitching order a few months before your wedding would give you a head-start and not worry about at the last moment. However at some countries especially the Asia, they follow the traditional way and prefer wearing the traditional outfit which has certain standard designs. This would require some time and some professional hands. These tips apply to both bride and the groom since even the groom’s dress would take some time to get stitched too. Once the dress factor is done, they can venture out into other factors easily without worrying much.


5. Jewelry and accessory


Now this factor comes after you select your dress for the wedding. One you choose your wedding dress you need to select a matching jewelry and accessories to go with it. But the first and most important jewelry you need to get it your engagement rings. Make sure you make its design as unique as possible. Name engraved solitaire, sound wave engraved, or anything; the more unique the more it looks special. Other than that there are other jewelries too. Besides this factor mainly goes for the bride so girls you need to get this thing done as and when you select your wedding dress. Different shades and style of the dress would necessitate choosing from either of the precious metals. For example, for wedding gowns, diamond or platinum will look good; traditional wedding dress especially the Indian ones would go well with gold jewelry. Whatever jewelry you select make sure it is within the wedding budget you prepared. If you want to get customized jewelry for the wedding, then even better. You can order that from the jeweler you wished to get it done. Even in this case, in various countries they prefer wearing traditional design jewelries to go with their traditional wedding dresses. All these needs to be done well in advance so as to make yourself concentrate on others factors of wedding as well.


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