Top 10 Technology Easter Eggs from Apple / Google

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Technology Easter eggs are included in computer programs, websites, CDs, etc and are basically hidden messages or jokes. Let us look at some of these created by Google and Apple.


1. Recursion

Everybody is aware of the fact that if you type in a wrong spelling in the Google search engine, it will give you the right one with the help of the “did you mean” feature. However, if you type in this particular word with the correct spelling, Google will continuously suggest the exact same spelling again and again till you realize that the joke is on you!


2. Talk to a Martian

With the help of a certain application created by Google Earth 5, users were told that they could speak to Martians on Mars by entering “Meliza” in the search engine. While you will chat with something, it will not be a Martian but Eliza- an application with artificial intelligence. Eliza is not very interesting to speak to.


3. The Meaning of Life

If you are to enter the following phrase- “answer to life, the universe and everything” in the search engine, the first result you will see is “42” and a small calculator will be made next to it. There are other phrases that will confuse you just the same and probably make the engineers laugh. These include “once in a blue moon” which will give “1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz” as the answer and “number of horns on a unicorn” will give “1” as the answer.


4. Ascii Art

ASCII Art is a term used to describe any image that is created with the help of keyboard characters. Even though this style is quite obsolete, it is still as popular. Google engineers are quite fond of this art as the doodle alters when the phrase is searched for.


5. Swim the Atlantic

When Google Maps were new and somebody was to ask for directions between locations and areas that had water bodies in between them, the user would be asked to travel a bit and then ‘start swimming for 3,500 miles’. This Easter egg has been removed.


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