Top 10 Failed Electronic Gadgets

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People belonging to a certain age group today will swear that they cannot live without their electronic gadgets. However, even they couldn’t help but laugh at how bizarre and unnecessary the following were.


1. The Wearable Computer

The Pomo Wearable Computer was manufactured by Xybernaut in 2002. It was what it sounds like- a computer you can wear. Why would people want to roam around with wires hanging off their heads and limbs, is a good question the company should have asked itself before wasting their money and effort.


2. Zune

This MP3 player was manufactured by Microsoft and the main aim was to ‘kill’ the iPod. It did not even come close to beating the other music player’s popularity as it was ugly, bulky and very expensive. Apart from that, its sound quality was inferior and the music-sharing interface was full of flaws.


3. The Taser Mp3 Player

We all know what a taser is- an electronic device that is usually used by the police to calm down violent criminals but without hurting them. It gives out electric current which prevents the other person from using his muscles. A Taser MP3 player was released in 2008 and it was basically a taster-cum-music player- you could put your favorite tunes into a taser. The company made it in a variety of patterns but nothing could help this bizarre gadget.


4. Apple’s Earbuds

One would think that Steve Jobs would be careful about making sure that the iPod’s earbuds are comfortable and wearable. It’s shocking that they muddle up the sound, fit awkwardly and die out within a short period of time.


5. TwitterPeek

TwitterPeek looks like a smartphone but you can only access Twitter on it and nothing else. Phones today are able enough to allow the user to make calls, send texts, listen to music and use every website in cyber space. So why would anybody want to purchase this gadget? When it was released and its singular feature was made clear, people thought it was a joke but alas, it wasn’t.


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  1. Rustic Lighting

    I think that “Microsoft” should concentrate on things that relates to software only. Instead it always try to make products like “Zune” just to show that it is better than others and hence its products used to fail. So its a much better idea for the Microsoft to invest more time and money in creating new OS and software for its clients and customers in which they are good at. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. tim

    The problems with the Oakleys was the price. You could get another pair of regular Oakleys and a comparable MP3 player for less than the Thump glasses. They really should try again.

  3. Jim

    For fun I like to walk into the Apple store and ask them how I can transfer my files from my Zune to my iPod.


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