Top 10 Colleges Of Computer Science In The World

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There is no lingering doubt that information and communication technology has taken center stage in the present age. Industries, businesses, schools and government are continually automating their processes as a way of bettering service delivery, keeping edge over competitors and enhancing customer care. As such, to be competitive in the current society, computer literacy is the key. Having recognized the need by a majority to get the best training in computer science, the article seeks to highlight some of the top ten colleges offering computer science in the world.


1. Carnegie Mellon University

Coming in at number one is Carnegie Mellon University. Over the years, it has continued to stay ahead of other institutions. This is greatly due to the teaching fraternity that has been empowered by the university which in turn has done the same for its students. In terms of IT infrastructure, no other college comes close to what Carnegie has. To get more information on courses, fee structure and scholarship opportunities, contact the college on:

Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15213



2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

At number two is Massachusetts Institute of Technology or popularly referred to as MIT. What makes it one of the best in the world? For starters, the college has its own customized operating system that is utilized by both the teaching staff and students to get access to resources online. There are numerous computer laboratories that are well equipped with some of the latest technologies. In addition, the college is fully wired with Wi-Fi a feat that most colleges is yet to match. To get more information on the modules offered at the institute, contact them on:


77 Massachusetts Ave.

Cambridge, MA 02139



3. Stanford University

At number three is Stanford University. Unknown to a majority of persons is that Google and Yahoo were both founded in this university. Situated in San Francisco, the university is best known for its desire to empower its student’s technology wise. One of the traditions that is characterized with the university is online access. To get more information on courses offered at Stanford University, you can contact them on:

Stanford University

Montag Hall

355 Galvez St.

Stanford. CA 94305



4. University of California at Berkeley

University of California is best known for its innovation as well as liberal arts and is known for its prowess at producing some world class musicians. Nonetheless, the university has equipped itself with some of the latest computer technology infrastructure and offers advanced courses in computer science other than arts. Over the past year, it was ranked as one of the best places to attain a degree course in computer science. More information on courses offered at the campus can be obtained on:

University of California-Berkeley: Office of Undergraduate Admissions

110 Sproul Hall #5800

Berkeley, CA 94720-5800



5. Cornell University

At number five is Cornell University. It is difficult to come a cross an institution that has been ranked several time by market leading corporate organizations such as World Report and US News. It is increasingly being preferred as a leading choice by most international students. To get more information on courses offered at the university you can contact them on:

Cornell University

410 Thurston Ave.

Ithaca, NY 14850



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