Top 10 Most Popular Attractions To Visit While In Amsterdam

Amsterdam was once the center of international economic activities many centuries ago. It has a total of 175 nationalities living in its towns and municipalities. Its people are known to be some of the tallest in the world. Furthermore, it has various attractions that cast a cultural, artistic and historical look over Amsterdam. As such, here are top 10 attractions you should visit while in Amsterdam.


1. Red Light District:

Red Light District

Men do need to pay to enter a strip club in Amsterdam, when they have a whole street dedicated to stupendous women. Dating back to the 14th century, Red Light District is known to be one of the most vibrant tourist attractions in the older part of Amsterdam. It has sex shops, strip clubs and window girls looking to have a good time. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands and the girls who offer their services do pay taxes. Furthermore, one should note that window prostitution is distinct in the Netherlands and cannot be viewed in many places. If you are a couple, it is quite normal to walk through the street together. This district is mainly a tourist attraction and you will not be the only male/female couple walking.


2. Anne Frank House:

Anne Frank House

There is not one person out there, who has not read the Diary of Anne Frank, or at least saw a movie or documentary about it. The actual diary cannot begin to tell readers what it was like to live behind the bookcase in the annex. The museum is actually the place where Anne Frank, her family and family friends hid to avoid racial persecution during WWII. The hiding place or hidden annex as it is called is no bigger than a North American apartment. As you enter the hidden annex, you cannot help but notice the small wooden staircase. The rooms where 8 individuals were living for most of WWII were small and crowded. You could barely fit a bed in them. As such, the Anne Frank house is something that will make you appreciate more of what you have and let’s you walk in the shoes of those unjustifiably shunned from society for being Jewish.


3. Canal Cruise:

Canal Cruise

Amsterdam is known as “Venice of the North”. It is made up of more than 100 canals, 90 islands and 1500 bridges, which were declared UNESCO monuments in 2010. Many attractions could either be seen by foot or by boat. If you would like to see the many hidden treasures of Amsterdam, canal cruising is for you. While on tour, you can view the boathouses of various celebrities such as Pat Sajak and primordial architectures that withstood WWII and flooding. If you ever take the cruise at night, you would be awestruck and flabbergasted by the color and lights that spark the city.


4. Sea Palace:

Sea Palace

If you are ever looking to have an amiable and scenic sit down dinner in Amsterdam, the Sea Palace is for you. The Sea palace is a floating Chinese restaurant located in central Amsterdam. This restaurant is unheralded with astounding scenery one cannot miss when going to Amsterdam. The food is finger licking. From dim sums to Beijing Duck to specialty Szechuan and Cantonese dishes, this restaurant has it all.


5. Van Gogh Museum:

Van Gogh Museum

Vincent Van Gogh is known mainly as a crazy 19th century Dutch painter who painted a portrait of himself after cutting off his ear. If you are an impressionist and post-impressionist art lover, this museum is for you. This museum carries over 200 permanent art and letter van Gogh collections. While visiting the museum, tourists can also view the various art collections of other painters and compare. There are audio and guided tours that can assist visitors as they walk through the museum, which is open to the public 364/365 days a year.


6. Diamond Museum:

Diamond Museum

Up until 19th century, India and South Africa were the only two countries where diamonds were found. Since 16th century, Jewish people and other tradesman in Holland found work in the free diamond cutting profession. Diamond cutting became even more popular when they became more accessible in South Africa and other countries such as Australia and Canada. Although the diamond industry suffered a blow during WWII, it is still a profession that is practiced widely in Holland, specifically in Amsterdam. At Coster Diamonds, tourists could visit the factory and experience the diamond cutting process themselves. Tours are offered in 25 different languages and allow clients to purchase souvenirs as well as merchandise towards the end.


7. Albert Cuypmarkt:

Albert Cuypmarkt

Those who grew up in Europe, are used to shopping and bargaining for their merchandise outdoors in a place they call the “Bazar”. The Albert Cuypmarkt is one of the busiest outdoor market in Europe, with thousands of people visiting every day. If you are looking for fresh fruits and vegetables and cheap clothes and souvenirs, this is the place to go in Amsterdam. One thing tourists should try is the different flavors of herring, which is a delicacy in Holland, including in Amsterdam.


8. Heineken Experience:

Heineken Experience

Originating in 1867, Heineken is a popular Dutch beer brand around the world. The local beer in Amsterdam is quite different than the beer you taste at home in various parts of Canada and United States for example. In the heart of Amsterdam, there is a historic museum and brewry that tourists could go to. According to the museum, all clients will be able to feel, see, hear and smell the experience. If you are a beer lover and would like to know more information about the how the Heineken beer is made, this attraction is also definitely for you.


9. Windmills:


You cannot go to Amsterdam without seeing a windmill. There are 8 windmills in the center part of Amsterdam and are synonymous with the Dutch culture and industry. If you ever are in Amsterdam on May 11 (National Holiday for Windmills), the Dutch put on dances, celebrations and parties as a way to honor the machine that has boosted its industry for centuries. If you are tourist who likes to feel the culture of different countries, these 8 attractions in central Amsterdam are for you as well.


10. Visit to Clog Maker:

Clog Maker

If you have seen just about everything in Amsterdam and have more time on your hands, a visit to a clog maker is a must. Holland is known for making clogs. Many hotels provide excursions to small fishing villages outside of Amsterdam. In Vollendam, there are various places that still make hand made clogs. You can experience the process and take pictures standing in large clog figures. Furthermore, you will live the culture of Holland, as many villagers wear traditional clothing and perform cultural dance in Vollendam. This attraction is a must see if you ever visit Amsterdam and would like to explore nearby towns.


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