Top 10 Highest Workforce Companies in the World

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With the growth and development of trade and commerce along with the technological development has made it feasible for the companies across the world to grow big. A big organization faces many hardships in context to management, but has a lot of advantages as well. Big organization means those which have high higher workforce. Workforce is the number of employees employed by a particular company. MNC’s usually have higher workforce basically because of the reason that they operate in the different countries and hence they have to have a huge employee base. But which company do you think might be the biggest of all? Tough question, but we have the answer. Here is the list of the world’s biggest workforce companies:


1. WalMart Stores, Inc.

The WalMart Stores Inc. is the largest retail chain in the world. They are the biggest workforce company with a total employee count of 2,100,000. This is by far the highest workforce company in the world. WalMart was incorporated in the year 1969 as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in United States. In this journey of 42 years Walmart grew at an un imaginable speed and is now the number one company in the planet with a gigantic workforce who is contributing towards it huge revenue turnover every year.


2. Sinopec

Sinopec is another giant Petro chemical corporation of the Republic of China. It is probably the biggest Petroleum Company in the world with employee strength of over 639,690 employees. Sinopec Limited was established in the year 2000 and within a short span of operation it has achieved great heights as a company. Sinopec Limited operates in and around Asia and is definitely one giant company in the world. It has been ranked 9th by the Fortune list of top 500 companies of the world and it says it all about the magnitude of the company.


3. PetroChina

Petro China is the third largest company in the world in terms to employee strength. With over 539,168 employees PetroChina is one of its kinds Chinese Oil Company. The PetroChina is a listed arm of the state owned China National Petroleum Corporation which was incorporated and listed separately in the year 1999. Head quartered in Beijing, PetroChina operates basically in Asia with major operations in China alone.


4. Carrefour SA

Carrefour S.A is a French Retail chain which was incorporated in the year 1957. The Carrefour is a hypermarket chain and is the second largest hypermarket chain in the world after Walmart. Carrefour has a workforce of over 475,976 which is huge. It has its operations in the entire Europe and is spread across the world with its operations in Middle East countries, India, America, China and African continent. With a worldwide operation Carrefour is no doubt among the top 10 list of the highest workforce company.


5. IBM Corporation

International Business Machine or IBM is an American Multinational technological company which is headquartered in New York. IBM was founded in the year 1911 and is a global giant in innovation ever since. IBM has its operations in over 200 countries in the world which makes it a huge corporation. IBM has a workforce of over 426,721 people which makes it a big firm. IBM is known for its IT innovation as well as various financial services. IBM is among the top 30 list of the Fortune 500 Companies of the world.


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