Top 10 Birth Control Methods Throughout History

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Birth Control has been around for centuries, although it wasn’t used as often as it should have. This article examines the 10 birth control methods and the history surrounding them.


1. Condoms:

Condoms were produced in 1840. They were used to prevent venereal diseases, rather than for birth controls. The earliest forms of condoms were made of animal intestines. It has now evolved to prevent STDs, pregnancies and various other diseases.


2. Coitus obstructus:

This method was used by the Hindus throughout history and was recommended in various Sanskrit texts. It required a force to be applied on the forepart of the testicles with a touch of a finger. The force of the finger would obstruct the urethra and force the semen into the bladder.


3. Pessary:

A pessary is the utilization of vaginal suppository to kill sperm or obstruct the sperm’s passage through the cervix. Pessaries usually included: a base of crocodile dung, a mixture of honey and natural sodium carbonate.


4. The rhythm methods:

In the 19th century many people tried to understand women’s fertility period by calculation. This was really ineffective as the fertility cycle was only discovered in the 1920s.


5. Douching:

This method was also popularly utilized in the ancient times. Vinegar was popularly applied to the penis. This was not an effective method whatsoever and should not be tried by anyone unless a doctor recommends it.


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