Top 10 Hottest Cities In The World

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Most cities occasionally do get smog advisories during the summers (wherever applicable). Many cities have consistent and extreme cases of heat alerts. Here are just 10 cities which hit the record.


1. Kuwait City, Kuwait:

The average temperature this city is 46.9 °C. It was the subject to Time Magazine’s article “Extreme Heat: 10 Worldwide Spots With Tough Temperatures”. Best time to visit the city is during March, April, October and November when temperatures are between 20 °C and 30°C.


2. Ahwaz, Iran:

This city in Kuwait has an average high of 46.8 °C. The temperatures are more extreme in this city as opposed to Kuwait City. The hottest month ever was July 2000 when temperatures reached 48.1 °C (average).


3. Jizan City, Saudia Arabia:

This is a port city on the Red Sea cost. It has a population of little less than 2 million. The temperatures are consistently hot throughout the year. From April through to October temperatures average around 30 °C and 40°C.


4. Bangkok, Thailand:

This is a city that faces extreme air pollution which causes smog. The pollution is known to trap hot air with the city, causing extreme humidity. The temperatures are on average 40°C and stay that way throughout the day. November to February is known to be the driest time of the year, yet the most visited as well. Although the average temperatures are around 29°C, the temperatures are known to rise to 39°C.


5. Aziziya, Libya:

This city recorded a whopping 57.8°C on September 13, 1922. The city is located in the Sahara Desert, the largest in the world and the driest.


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