Top 10 Fascinating Lawsuits Against Fast Food Giants

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This article sets to examine what happens when someone tries to sue a big fast food giant. Who wins? What happens? Let’s get the real scoop.


1. Monika Samaan Vs. KFC:

In 2012, an Australian judge ordered KFC to pay 8 million Australian dollars ($8.3 million USD) to the family of a Sydney girl who was left brain Puma Fenty Suede Cleated Creeper UK damaged after eating a chicken wraps. According the family of Samaan, the then 7-year-old girl contracted salmonella poisoning from a KFC chicken wrap in 2005. Samaan was in a coma for months and is left with brain damage. KFC denied responsibility and plans to appeal.


2. Amanda Obney vs. Taco Bell:

Obney sued Taco Bell after she claimed that the fast food giant was filling tacos and burritos with non-real beef “beef seasoning”. She later withdrew her claim against the Mexican fast food chain. Taco Bell issued a $3-4 million dollar advertising campaign to combat negative Adidas EQT UK publicity.


3. McDonald’s (1990):

Lawsuit was brought against this fast good giant in the early 1990s. This case involved having beef inside French Fries, which were advertised as vegetarian. The case was brought to the public eye after McDonald’s released a press release discussing how it cooked the French fries in 100% vegetable oil. There was another letter that emerged to a customer specifying that the French fries were vegetarian.


4. Liabeck vs. McDonald’s:

Stella Liabeck from Albuquerque, New Mexico sued McDonald’s after suffering third New Balance Outlet degree burns from hot coffee she spilled on herself at the drive-thru in 1992. Both parties settled for an undisclosed amount. This was an example of frivolous litigation. The incident was later parodied by Kramer in the sitcom Seinfeld.


5. John Florio vs. McDonald’s:

John Florio, a police officer in New York was given a Big Mac with one extra ingredient: shard glass. He received cuts to his throat and mouth and also broke his tooth in the process. The Nike Bruin QS Outlet culprit was an 18 year old employee. The boy was arrested after an officer noticed him spitting into his food. Florio sued McDonald`s for $5.5 million.


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