Top 10 Most Weird Hollywood Cult Movies

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When a movie has a very tight budget and the director is an amateur with an outlandish vision, the formula is perfect for a killer movie and thus cult movies are created. These are usually laced with dark humor and creepy songs.


1. Manos: The Hand of Fate

This film was released in 1966 and is directed by Harold P. Warren. It is considered to be among the worst Hollywood films ever made. The plot is based on a family that decides to go on a road trip but ends up getting lost. The scenes are not at all related to each other and the soundtrack is strange, to put it mildly.


2. The Lonely Lady

Directed by Peter Sasdy, this 1993 film is about a naïve schoolgirl who wants to become a screenwriter. She meets a well-known screenwriter after winning an award for her writing and makes the mistake of going home with him. The girl marries the screenwriter’s son and wins a prestigious award at the end.


3. Mommie Dearest

This film starred Faye Dunaway and was based on Joan Crawford’s life. Even though the film did well at the box-office, it was hated by the audience and was said to be a colossal critical disaster.


4. Cool as Ice

This musical was loosely based on the plot of the popular film, Rebel Without a Cause and starred Vanilla Ice, the ridiculous rapper, in all his glory. The protagonist rides his motorcycle through the movie but manages to find time to rap as well. It was supposed to propel the singer to success but thankfully, it bombed at the box-office.


5. Boxing Helena

Nick Cavanaugh is a surgeon who kidnaps Helena, the woman he is obsessed with after she has an accident in front of his house. He amputates her injured legs but does not stop there- he removes her arms as well for no reason at all. However, the audience gets to know that it was all a dream towards the end. The film was so pointless that Jennifer Lynch won the Worst Director award for it.


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