Top 10 Largest Databases

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Some people have a tendency to collect items and they have collected something or the other during the course of their lives. While some collected coins, others collected stamps. These top 10 large databases collect newspapers, books, numbers, records- you name it, and they’ll have it.


1. Library of Congress

Even after the onset of the digital age, the Library of Congress is still among the largest databases of the world. It holds over 125 million items which consist of colonial newspapers, cook books and government proceedings. The library expands every day and if you are finding it difficult to extract information from the world wide web, the library of congress is the answer to all your problems.


2. Central Intelligence Agency

This database collects information on everything ranging from places to things to people. Even though the accurate size of this database is unknown, it holds both private and public information. 100 articles are added to the library every month and includes population statistics, maps as swell as military capabilities.


3. Amazon

This website holds over 250,000 textbooks and users can comment and interact with other users which makes Amazon the largest community on the web. Amazon has 55 million customers and above 40 terabytes of data.


4. YouTube

YouTube has been in operation for two years and holds a massive library of videos. A loyal user base follows the website and according to records-over a 100 million clips are watched on a daily basis. The size of this database seems to double every 5 months. Therefore, it goes without saying that the overall statistics are staggering.


5. ChoicePoint

ChoicePoint is basically a phone book which contains information about the population residing in the United States of America. It holds criminal histories as well as driving records. It has been said that the database would reach the moon and back at least 75 times. ChoicePoint has helped a number of authorities solve difficult and complicated cases in the past.


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