Top 10 Stationery Stores in the World

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Stationery items are the most used items in the world. Right from a small pin to a big clipboard, these are the most consumed articles in the schools, homes as well as offices. There are a number of shops or stores who sell the Stationery products. There are some of them who are specialized where as some are general stores who stores some of the best stationery products. Based on the requirements we tend to select the stores for our stationery purchases, but still it is important to know who are the leading house who manufactures these stationery products:


1. Walmart

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is an American public multinational corporation that runs a chain of large discount department stores and a chain of warehouse stores. It is an American company which is operating across the world and is a huge entity. Walmart are probably the giant in the retail industry and they are the best in the world right now in selling the stationeries. You find everything in the Walmart stores, you name anything and it’s there at the Walmart. This probably is the reason of the huge success of the Walmart Stores.


2. Kmart

Kmart is the second big retail discounting stores which is a storehouse of several equipments. The Kmart is exactly like the Walmart which is a huge store and operates in various parts of the world. Kmart deals in almost all sorts of stationery products and is the favourite shopping destinations for many stationery purchasers. They are successful because of the scale of operations and the cost advantage. Nevertheless Kmart is definitely the second best place to buy your stationeries from.


3. Dollarchimp

Dollarchimp is another discounting store in the United States which deals with the stationery requirements of the home and offices. Dollarchimp is a great value store in the US which satisfies the stationery needs of a number of households. It is a branch of the Dollars group and is a useful place to buy your stationery from.


4. Staples Inc.

Staples are an American multinational company which is specialized in selling stationery articles. Staples sell supplies, office machines, promotional products, and furniture, technology and business services both in stores and online. The company opened its first store in Brighton, Massachusetts in 1986. Staples have its stores across the world and are a great place to buy your stationeries from. The Staples stores are also there in the Asian countries and are doing tremendously well.


5. Hayman & Sumner Stationers

Hayman & Sumner sells a large selection of stationery and office supplies, but specializes in custom printing services. They will print everything from business cards to forms. These are one of the biggest stationery stores in the United States and are mostly liked by the visitors because of the varieties they serve. The Hayman & Sumner Stationers is Americas one of the oldest stores which is in the NYC serving the needs of a number of customers.


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