10 Qualities of Teachers Students Like the Most Incomplete

In our school and college days, during our study period we all had some teachers whom we never liked and we had some teachers who were our favorite. There are some qualities of teachers that set them apart from other teachers and that make us comfortable in talking to them. We can always share our problems with them and we find it very easy to discuss about our future plans so that they guide us all the way throughout our school or college life. There are some 10 qualities of teachers that students like the most.

1.  Practical:


Teachers who impart practical knowledge along with subjective studies are always liked by students. It is very important for teachers who give them practical experience of the subjective facts so that students could understand them better. So students always like teachers who are very much practical in his/her teachings.

2.  Updated:


No matter how good a teacher is but if he/she is not updated with what’s going on in the surrounding then that teacher lacks something. There are teachers who give amazing example from today’s scenario and try to explain every student through that. This helps the student to stay connected with newspapers and relate their work. Such teachers are always liked by the student.

3.  Sincere:


There are some teachers who are sincere towards their course and student. They know what they have been paid for and what they are supposed to do. They never miss any of their classes and prepare the lecture before taking any class. Teachers who are sincere are always liked by their student. Students do not like teachers who behave careless and do not complete the course. This is because it matters a lot for the students especially those who do not take any tuition. So teachers need to be sincere.

4.  Equal to everyone:  students hate partiality


When they see that a particular teacher is partial towards a particular student or set of students then they begun to hate that teacher. Students always like teachers who are good towards them and treat everyone equally not judging them on the basis of their class performance. In fact a good teacher will always motivate ad encourage his/her students who are weak in academic to perform better in every task given to them .Teachers who do not judge and treats every student of hers equally is liked by all.

5.  Loving:  students always like teachers who are loving and caring


A harsh and rude teacher is liked by none. Students always like teachers who can be a great help for them in their studies and also in the development of their personality. A rude teacher always sets a negative example to many students but a loving teacher is an ideal teacher for everyone. Every student wants to be like him/her. So teachers should always be loving and caring towards their students.

6.  Availability:


Teachers should always be readily available for students. If a teacher is not to be found anywhere or if a teacher doesn’t help student in the time of need then what benefit will that be for a student. Only when teachers are ready to help students all the time and are readily available to help students whenever they want then only that teacher is liked by all the students.

7.  Understanding:


There may be students who do not open up so easily and hesitate to ask questions. In this case if the teacher does not understand then the fear of student increases more. So students always like teachers who understand them and know that they are unable to do a particular task. Such teachers put an extra effort to know the student and work harder on them. Students always love such kind of teachers.

8.  Polite:


Teachers who are polite are always loved by their students. This is not because student doesn’t like to be scold but because they know how to handle students. Scolding or insulting the students is never the solution or the student learns anything from it. When a teacher corrects his/her student it is very important for him/her to be polite. This makes the students ask whatever they want to without any hesitation. Students will always like teachers who are polite and not harsh on them.

9.  Easy to approach:


students like the teachers who are approachable. This is because there are a number of students in class all having different behavior and different personality. Now if a person is shy and fears to talk to teachers then teacher’s personality should be such that students can easily approach the teacher. So students always like teachers who are easily approachable and student can talk to them without making any kind of effort.

10. Flexible thoughts:


students always like the teacher who have flexible thoughts and are not rigid in what they think. It is very important for teachers to be flexible and to understand their students. This is because students might love to work on their laptops and computers but teachers prefer the hand written notes. Now in this case it is important for teacher to see the quality work and be little flexible in the way he/she thinks.






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