Top Ten Horror Films

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The following horror films are sure to scare you out of your wits- you will be looking under your bed for months after watching any of these flicks!


1. Exorcist

The movie stars Linda Blair as Regan who plays the daughter of a famous actress. Regan soon makes an imaginary friend who ultimately takes possession of her body and is said to be the Devil. The images are chilling and will make you shiver and scream till the last scene!


2. Rosemary’s Baby

The movie begins with Rosemary and Guy moving into a new apartment shortly after their marriage. The neighbors seem perfectly hospitable and friendly. However, after she announces her pregnancy, the atmosphere becomes eerie and uncomfortable in the apartment building. One question remains- Who or What is the father of Rosemary’s baby?


3. The Omen

The plot of this chilling film revolves around Damien who is said to be the Devil’s son. A well-known, political and extremely influential family adopts the child. Damien soon starts to destroy anything and anyone that creates obstacles between him and his ultimate aim of world domination.


4. Poltergeist


A family finds that their home is haunted and instead of scaring the family, the ghosts initially amuse them by moving their furniture around. Soon after, they become nasty and take it upon themselves to terrorize the young family and kidnap their youngest daughter.


5. The Shining

The plot of this movie focuses on Jack Torrance, a writer who takes on the post of a caretaker during the winter season at a hotel. Jack’s son and the chef of the hotel are said to have psychic abilities as they can see ghosts of those people who were murdered in the hotel years ago. Jack soon gets influenced by these supernatural entities during a snowstorm and tries to kill his son and wife.


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