10 Shadowy Biblical Characters No One Can Explain

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6. Simon Magus

Simon Magus

Simon Magus

Simony is the term for selling church privileges. Named after Simon Magus, Simon was a magician who converted to Christianity. Some texts talk about his natural ability to fly and he acted as the leader of his town. Many people referred that his conversion was for money making and not for spiritual purposes. He even asked for spiritual ecstacy in exchange for money. Many believe him as founder of Gnosticism.

5. Onan


Abraham’s grandson Judah’s younger son was Onan. Judah’s elder son’s name was Er (yes, just er). Er was killed by the father since he seemed wicked. After his death, Onan had to marry his brother’s widow due to customs. But Onan didn’t want to do it since maybe she wasn’t his type. God was not pleased with his intentions and thus decided to slew him. No one is quite sure of what happened thereafter.

4. Nicodemus


Nicodemus was a member of some Jewish clad. But he became a friend and follower of Jesus Christ. He is referred to three times in the Gospel of John. He has been referred as a defender of Jesus Christ till his last days. Thereafter the death of Jesus Christ, he becomes a follower as he helped in the burial of Jesus Christ.

3. James the Just

james the jusr

After Paul and Peter, John the Just is the most apostolic person in Church’s legacy. He is also believed as Jesus’ younger brother since Jesus has been said to have siblings. There is no doubt over his existence although James was such a common name that his real identity is unsure. Many people believe that Christ asked John to continue Christianity post his death. Many suggest him to be Jesus’ cousin but the real facts are still unknown.

2. Simon the Zealot


No other of the 12 disciples is as mysterious as Simon the Zealot. Some believe that he was a political adviser within Jesus’ inner circle propagating the fact that Jesus had a political plan. But most people think that Simon was given the name due to his godly devotion and not because of his political acumen. In some places it is written that he was a brother or cousin to Christ. The truth still remains unsure. Many people say that he could convert water into wine.

1. Og


Many history books propagate the existence of a race of dangerous species known as Nephilim. One of the most referred part of this race was Og. He was the king of Bashan and was murdered along with his whole force. Many times the Og has been referred in the canonical bible but still no relevant explanation regarding their existence prevails. Even the Jewish tradition acknowledges Og’s existence.

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