Top 10 Best of Downtown LA

Today downtown LA boasts tranquil parks, trendy bars, art walks and weekly outdoor concerts. So with no shortage of sights to see and activities to take part in, here is a top ten list of things to do in downtown that should please both locals and tourists alike.

Top 10 Best Dining Out Moments

Food lovers and restaurant patrons go out to eat not only for the amazing food (and night off from cooking) but for the unique experience that dining out provides. Dining out moments run a gamut as wide as the many different types of food eateries, but take a look at the top ten.

Top 10 Ways to Pick the Best Event Planner

Planning a grand event in a professional manner is indeed difficult. You need to take care of a lot of things and also ensure that everything has fallen in the right place. So, here are 10 best tips which will surely help you choose an efficient event planner with confidence.

Top 10 Ways Schools Are Best Line Of Defense Against Cyber Bullying

Bullying is a fixture in the classroom. Many students and children fear their bullies and find it is not the difficult to remember a bully in their school. Cyberbuillying has recently emerged and is booming. Students and children cannot escape it due the impersonal nature of online communication.

Top 10 Best Recommendations In Drummond Report Of 2012

The Ontario McGuinty government needs to start implementing some of recommendations in the Drummond Report released in February of 2012. It is necessary, if we want to eliminate a projected $30.2 billion deficit by 2017, warns economist Don Drummond.

Top 10 Best Original Scores of All Time

This is an award given out every year to the best song made especially for movies. Here are 10 movies which I think topped all the ones given and nominated throughout the years. I was looking for uniqueness, class and also something that stands out from the rest.

Top 10 Best Cars For Teens

When buying a car for teenagers, parents look at the safety, cost effectiveness and fuel efficiency of the cars. Furthermore, the look and appeal examined by the teenagers determines whether the transaction is made.