Top 10 Worst Products of Modern Times

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Let us take a close look at the interesting list Top 10 worst products which are generally considered as junk items.


1. Bottled Water

bottled-waterThis product tops the list of worst products of modern times and it is an utter waste of resources and money. It banks on an extremely irritating marketing concept of being superior bottled water while we have easy access to safe tap water.


2. Sugared Cereals

sugared-cerealsWhat a stroke of genius of having to take something healthy and adding it with lots of sugar to become more appealing to the younger segment in the market.


3. Ab Machines

ab-machineThe massive commercials being resorted to has created a lot of misplaced notions about these supposedly amazing machines. Once we have tried it, these machines normally end up in our storage or in the garage and never to be used again.


4. Microwave Ovens

microwave-ovenDespite being the symbol of modern day living, the microwave ovens have been responsible for the lack of decent cooking in most modern homes and even led to the emergence of “chemically-laden” ready meals in the food market.


5. Sleeping Pills for Children

sleeping-pills-for-childrenThe sleeping pill was introduced by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and has targeted pre-pubescent and pubescent individuals. They were able to devise a work around to US marketing laws in promoting the product without mentioning that there has been no test that was conducted to determine the effect of this product on children.


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