Top 10 Bowlers in Cricket History

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It has been said that a good bowler can single-handedly make his entire team win. There have been a number of excellent bowlers in cricket history, the following are the top 10:


1. Glenn McGrath-Australia

Possibly the best bowler in cricket history, Glenn McGrath was persistently accurate when it came to taking wickets. He played for 14 years and has taken over 550 wickets. He is undoubtedly deserving of the number one spot in this list.


2. Courtney Walsh-West Indies

Walsh bowled his way till the top in this field and made it look so easy. His success is further consolidated by the fact that he was at the top for 17 years. This legend has taken over 500 Test wickets which was a record at one point.


3. Wasim Akram- Pakistan

This left-handed bowler is considered to be among the fastest in the field. His is fondly referred to as the Sultan of Swing and has taken over 350 Test wickets. Akram has also recorded two hat-tricks in both ODI and Test cricket.


4. Kapil Dev- India

Kapil Dev was definitely the best in the game during his time and is said to be an all-rounder. He gave his all no matter what the stakes were and he would deserve a mention even if he was terrible with the bat. However, both his batting and bowling were exceptional and he has taken over 430 Test wickets during his career. Last but not the least; he was also given the title of the “Cricketer of the last century”.


5. Allan Donald

Since his nickname was “White Lightening”, it goes without saying that he is among the top 10 bowlers in cricket history. Since South Africa was excluded from cricket, Donald gave his all at the age of 26 when he finally got his chance. His excellence in the field was proven when he took over 300 wickets.


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  • Tasmanian Devil

    What! No Shane Warne. If this was a fast bowlers list then I would agree completely, I loved watching McGrath bowl. But Shane Warne, in my opinion is the second best cricketer to ever live (after Bradman of course) and the greatest in my 33 years of life. You just never knew what he would do next (on fieled and off).

  • Washim Rowar

    This list is wrong! there is no Lasith Malinga, Muralidharan or Afridi. Racism at its best

  • Shawn

    Muthiah Muralitharan…considered the best bowler ever by almost every other cricket reporter…except this “top ten” contributor.

  • imii

    Where is Imran Khan? you know he is the founder of reverse swing and one the best bowler in cricket history. you have done unjustice with Imran Khan. you have placed Wasin Akram on 3rd spot but his guide and inspiration leader has no place in ur list. it is very unfortune that there no place for one the greatest bowler in world cricket in ur list.