Top 10 Stunning Advertisements By Apple

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Apple is known to create extremely stunning advertisements- both visually and in terms of design.


1. The Single Apple

One particular advert in a magazine showed the fruit against a simple beige background. It read- Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Apple computers are extremely basic and not adorned with complicated buttons and features like other computers. This was their USP initially and what made them so popular. The simple ad was stunning because it was plain and straightforward.


2. The Boring Man

This advertisement showed two men standing side by side. The one on the left wore a boring suit and glasses while the other wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The caption under the man with the suit read- I’m a PC and the other one read- I’m a Mac.


3. Paper Thin

When the Macbook air was launched, it was meant to be the thinnest laptop in the world. A magazine printed a screen on one side and the keyboard on the other which made the reader feel as though he was looking at a computer when he turned the page. The message was basic and simple- the Macbook air is as thin as paper.


4. Spyware

This advertisements showed the same two men standing side by side. The PC was wearing a trench coat and was under disguise while the other looked as cool as a cucumber. The PC said that he was trying to catch a virus which can enter the system and destroy it and encouraged the Mac to wear the false mustache and nose as well. The Mac says that he doesn’t need it as his system is strong enough.


5. The Pencil Test

Another advertisement by Apple showed a pair of hands holding a Macbook Pro and a pencil on its side. The verdict was simple- even the basic Mac laptop is as thin as a pencil and can be carried around without any difficulties.


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