Top 10 Shocking Origins Of Popular Fairy-Tales

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We all loved fairytales when we were younger and watched the Disney movies thousands of times. However, what most people don’t know is that the endings of most of them were changed because the original ones were too gruesome and twisted.


1. The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper we know of enters a town and successfully removes all the rats with the help of his music. When the villagers refuse to pay him, he tells them that he will remove the children from the town as well! This is when the villagers agree and he allows the children to leave the cave. In the original, the Pied Piper drowns all the children.


2. Little Red Riding Hood

We all know that Red Riding Hood gets rescued by a woodsman who single-handedly gets rid of the wolf. In the original tale, Red Riding Hood gets eaten by the wolf.


3. The Little Mermaid

In the version we know of, Ariel transforms into a human and gives up her tail to marry Eric and their wedding is magical. However, in the original version, Ariel is depressed after the Prince gets married to a beautiful princess. Somebody gives her a knife with which she is meant to kill the prince but because she can’t bring herself to do it, she jumps into the water. She turns to foam and dies.


4. Snow White

In the modern version, the Queen asks for Snow White’s heart which the huntsman is supposed to deliver after he kills her. In the original version, the Queen asks for her lungs and liver which she plans to eat for dinner.


5. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty falls asleep for a 100 years after a curse is put on her and the prince wakes her up by kissing her. In the original version, the young lady is raped by the king after which she gives birth to two children and yes, she is asleep the whole time.


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  • zhorez

    about Little Red Riding Hood:
    in the eldest versions Little Red Riding Hood takes out a knife, cuts open the wolf’s stomach when it is asleep after having eaten the grandmother, places heavy stones inside the stomach, sews it back together and leaves. when the wolf wakes up, it is very thirsty, it goes out to the well to drink, but its stomach is so heavy that it falls into the well and drowns
    in another version (Hungarian i think)the wolf is an ogre, which eats Little Red Riding Hood and the grandmother. the morale: listen to your mother

  • Rafał

    Could anybody tell me where I can find the original versions of these fairytales?

  • Tuesday

    Actually these are just different countries versions. We just always hear the English versions, where the others were considered savage

  • Tofly

    Rumpelstiltskin is really about female masturbation…