Top 10 Everyday Things that can Cause Cancer

In simple words cancer is just the unwanted growth of cells inside body. It is of many forms and the actual reason for this fatal and chronic disease is still unknown. The most common types of cancer includes that of breast, larynx, mouth, blood, pancreatic, lungs and liver. It is generally said by doctors that cancer has three stages and is curable in first stage and in some cases even the second stage. The expenses of surgery and treatment are quite high and out of reach for ordinary people and mostly prefer not receiving any medicines. There can be numerous ways according to which cancer can be caused as there are a lot of carcinogenic materials available around us, so here are the top ten everyday things that may cause cancer.


1. Cosmetics


Ever imagined that the everyday lotions and creams of yours can cause cancer? Yes it has been tested and the low quality or flawed cosmetics are harmful for skin. This can cause skin cancer and many other forms as well like prostate or ovarian cancer. The cosmetics come in direct contact of skin and hence damage it to a larger extent if the product is not tested or non-toxic. Generally the ingredients which may be toxic are not mentioned and somehow the makers get through the standard checks to place their product into the market. But they don’t realize or care that their flawed products can actually lead to a fatal and chronic disease like cancer whose treatment is not yet available with ease.


2. Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Cell phones are the need of today’s generation. Life seems incomplete without them even if we have to stay away from it for a few hours but as a coin has two sides, with so much benefits come a lot of disadvantages also. There is constant exchange of electromagnetic signals from a mobile phone in order to function. These signals are harmful for living beings. They can also hinder in the efficient functioning of brain and thus hindering normal life processes. Frequent receiving or taking of call can deform the brain cells due to radiation and thus at first creating a minor tumor which later on may go on to increase and become a major one.


3. Tobacco


Easily the most common addiction of this world. Consumed in many forms with cigarette being the most popular one. Cigarette can cause cancers of many types like lung, stomach, larynx, and mouth. A costly addiction but still a very high share of population smokes. Tobacco is also consumed in many other like in “paan” or “guthka”. It directly affects the teeth of individual and also leads to many gum and dental problems.


4. Alcohol


Alcohol is the most common male drink all over the globe. Excess of everything is bad. Alcohol beyond limits is very harmful for health and can cause liver failures or any other organ to malfunction. Generally people with high drinking habits are not able to digest food easily because of liver weakness. There’s a fair amount of chance that it may lead to liver cancer which now a days is treatable but is very costly. A new liver has to be grown from a piece of someone else’s liver and then it is planted inside the body. Liver weakness reduces diet and capacity to digest heavy food like which contain a lot of oil and ghee. So be careful and save your liver from such things.


5. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks

The usual soda and sugary drinks like coke and Pepsi do a lot of harm to our body and yet it’s difficult for people to avoid them. They are at times used as substitute of water as well, such is the demand. Regular and frequent drinking of soft drink leaves you vulnerable to pancreatic cancer. The sugar and artificial juices present in them increase the insulin level leading to growth of pancreatic cancer cells. Apart from the risk of having cancer people also should be worried about their bones. Soft drinks gradually dissolve bone calcium leaving them fragile after prolonged drinking of aerated drinks. Many cases of arthritis have also been reported by regular drinkers of soft drinks.


6. Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast disturbs the natural metabolic process and cycle leading to many illnesses. So if you have been skipping breakfast, there is still time stop doing that. It has been found that skipping of breakfast may cause stomach cancer. After the long sleep of night there is gastric secretion in morning which stops only after we eat something healthy, skipping breakfast continues that which is harmful for stomach. Secondly it may also cause cancer of gallbladder leading to further more miseries in life.


7. Sleeping Late

Sleeping late

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. This saying is being justified here. People mostly prefer staying up late and working and don’t realize the advantages of early morning. The efficiency and concentration is much higher in morning as compared to night and plus you get to be healthy. Sleeping late leaves one vulnerable to almost all forms of cancer like blood, stomach, mouth, pancreatic, gallbladder etc. Staying up late will obviously alter the normal body cycle and hence the release of melatonin will be hampered which helps in fighting against cancer cells.


8. Disposable Material

Disposable materials

Things like thermocol plates, plastic glasses and bottles are toxic in nature. It has been scientifically proven that drinking water stored in plastic bottles increases the risk of cancer. The risk of having breast cancer in females increases with the use of plastic for storage of food and water. As plastics contain Bisphenol A which is a weak estrogen and causes disruption of natural hormonal activity thus increasing the risk of breast cancer. It all depends on the quality of plastic and amount of time for which eatable has been stored in it. Generally water stored in plastic bottle over a long period of time turns yellowish and also the bottle degrades, that water may be toxic now. It’s safe and healthy to switch to old ways of water storage that is in steel or any other metal containers.


9. Meat


Shocked? Yes, eating processed or red meat may lead to cancer. Red meat includes goat, beef, lamb, ham and steak whereas processed meat are the meats which contain various preservatives and salts in order to keep them fresh for a long period of time. Both these type of meats can lead to bowel cancer, a condition which is very severe if not caught in time. A possible explanation given by doctors for this harm caused by red meat is that a compound “haem” which gives red color to meat damages the inner lining of bowel and thus leading to cancer.


10. Talcum Powder

Talcum Powder

Everyone uses talcum powder to keep you dry especially during summers. It’s also hygienic to pour some in genitals as well; there are many herbal and antiseptic powders available only for that purpose also. But for girls it may be risky because talcum powder contains a substance known as asbestos which has been found to be responsible for ovarian cancer. When in direct contact powder may seep through vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes to the ovaries. It’s very important for us to take care of such small things in life to avoid cancer cell growth in our body.

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