Top 10 Home Survival Items

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When you are faced with an emergency, make sure you have the following items with you. These items will help you through a dire situation until it is resolved.


1. Non-Perishable Foods:

These are items that do not waste or decay. They also last a long time, in case of emergencies. The foods may include canned good items, pasta, sugar, flour, and spices. Dried goods also are helpful and needed.


2. Water:

You need to be kept hydrated at all times. Without water, you may not make it through the emergency past 3 days. Any fluids could work, but water is the most important.


3. First Aid Kit:

This is also important to have when faced with an emergency. You may need it to prevent infects and scuts that may cause infections. Every home should have at least the basics from the First Aid kit.


4. Swiss Army Kit/Can Opener:

You will need to have one of the following in order to open some of the food items you have prepared. You may not be able to utilize the Non-Perishable items without this item.


5. Candles:

These are important in case there is a blackout, like the one we experienced in 2003 in North America. You may need candles to see where you are going. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the dark until the lights are back on.


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