Top 10 Fascinating Cases of Theft

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Theft can be defined as an illegal taking of another person’s property. The crime is synonymous with embezzlement, robbery, looting, burglary and larceny. Here are just 10 fascinating cases where thieves done things that were out of the ordinary.


1. Stolen Lion Carcases:

Some people steal money, others steal valuables. 5 Ohio men stole dead lions once they heard that police were shooting them down. They proceeded to then lift the lion into their SUV and drove away. They now face 6 months in jail and $1000 fine.


2. Charlene Doell:

Doell was the financial administrator for Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists in Saskatoon, Canada. Instead of writing cheques to different parties as requested by employer, she wrote the cheques to herself. She scammed and stole $80,000 from her employee. Doell is most likely going to serve 8 months in jail.


3. Danwine Dewayne Renard:

Renard is a prisoner in Missouri. From his jail cell he was able to steal the identities of residents in Madison and St. Clair counties. He was also able to open accounts in their names. The theft scheme totalled $200,000. Renard was sentenced to 12 more years in jail.


4. Tina M. Jacobsen:

A woman from Neenah was charged on 3 felony counts of theft. She embezzled over $500,000 from the blood bank. She had used fraudulent expense reimbursements and drafted cheques to herself. I wonder why they called after $500,000 was missing?


5. Tomas Hvozdar:

This is a case of moral debate. Hvozdar has a dying step daughter at home. He is also distraught about losing his daughter. He stole the donation box totalling around $3,000 as a result. He wanted to use that money for food. Intentions were good, but did Hvozdar have to go through such extremes to get money?


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