Top 10 Reasons Why People Find Tennis Hard To Play

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Tennis is a game that requires great skill. If one does not master the skills, they lose confidence in themselves and quit. If one is committing themselves to playing the game, they must understand the following difficulties people face and be willing to learn.


1. Eye Coordination:

Eye co-ordination is really important in the game of tennis. Every second counts in this game. If you are not paying attention, you may lose track of the ball and where you are hitting it.


2. Timing:

Timing and precision are important, especially when hitting your racquet. You may swing too early and miss the ball. As a student who was learning to play tennis, the coach had to constantly nag about the timing. Many students kept hitting the ball too early or too late.


3. Grip:

The grip needs to be firm, but relaxed at the same time. You cannot be too light on the hit and never too hard. It’s just like the game of volleyball…if you hit too light you do not go over the net. If you hit too hard you may go out of bounds. This all has to do with the way you hold your racquet. Interestingly enough, I see a number of people holding their tennis racquets as if they were playing badminton.


4. Demanding Job:

The sport is demanding both mentally and physically. There are no time-outs or time for breaks, unless authorized.


5. Fit:

Most of all, the players must be fit. There is a lot of moving around in the game. One who is not fit may easily be tired and restless.


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