Top 10 Food Products That Were Named After People

There are many food products out there that are named after people, including those that we eat on a regular basis!  Here is a list of the top 10 most popular ones.


1. Melba Toast-Nellie Melba

Helen Porter Mitchell started singing at an early age and took on the name Nellie Melba. In 1897, a man named Auguste Escoffier created this toast to honor her. It is basically toasted bread that is sliced very thinly and goes great with soups.

2. Crêpes Suzette-Suzanne Reichenberg

These are thin pancakes that are soaked in orange liqueur and were also created by Auguste Escoffier in Suzanne Reichenberg’s honor. Suzanne Reichenberg was a French actress who died in 1924. However, other people claim that these pancakes were invented by a young assistant chef who worked for Queen Victoria and her son.


3. The Salisbury Steak-James H Salisbury

James Salisbury created the Salisbury Steak in 1886 as he felt that the dish would help get rid of problems like bronchitis, tuberculosis and gout. According to him, if a person ate well-cooked beef along with a large glass of hot water, they would never get sick!


4. Eggs Benedict-Lemuel Benedict

Lemuel Benedict was a socialite who returned to his hotel late one night and was very drunk. He asked the maitre d’hotel to give him one piece of toast, bacon with hollandaise sauce and poached egg. However, the maitre d’hotel messed up the order and instead of the toast, gave him a muffin and ham instead of bacon. This combination was then called Eggs Benedict.


5. Cobb Salad-Robert Cobb

Robert Cobb had to send dinner over to a special guest but his employees had gone home. So he took all the leftover from his fridge and made a salad within seconds. The guest liked it so much that he added the Cobb Salad to his menu.

6. “Granny Smith” apples-Maria Smith

Maria smith liked to grow apples and she was working in her farm when she realized that a tree was growing in the corner of the farm. This is where she had thrown out some bad apples a few days earlier. She planted the tree again and the apples that grew were bright green and had a tart flavor. Her friends and family members loved these apples and today her “Granny Smith” apples are very popular.


7. Caesar Salad-Caesar Cardini

Most people believe that the famous Caesar Salad was named after the ambitious Roman Emperor but actually it was created by a restaurateur called Caesar Cardini. He started serving leaves covered with garlic along with finger foods and then decided to cut up these leaves into much smaller pieces.


8. Fettuccine Alfredo-Alfredo di Lelio

Alfredo di Lelio created this Italian dish when his wife was feeling unwell after childbirth. Because the sauce had cheese, cream and butter, he felt that it would help her regain her strength. It became very popular when a well-known Hollywood couple tried it at his restaurant.


9. Graham Crackers-Sylvester Graham

Sylvester Graham was born in 1794 and grew up believing that people should eat whole-grains, fruits and vegetables and avoid red meat and white bread. This is when he created the delicious and whole-wheat Graham Crackers. Sadly enough, these are not all that healthy now as they are considered to be up there with other sugary treats.


10. Sandwich-John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich

Legend says that John Montagu was very hungry but could not move as he was playing cards. So he told his servant to take two pieces of toast and put a slice of roast beef in.
Thus, the Sandwich came into being.

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