Top 10 Smartest Moves President George W. Bush Made While in Office

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6. Enhanced Interrogation:

Secret prisons and eavesdropping were tactics Bush used to watch over terrorists. He never let them out of his site. This enhanced security nationally and internationally.


7. Anti-Gun Laws:

Bush saw guns as a major problem in the United States. He was not a promoter of selling guns, in fact he pushed for a ban on semiautomatic assault weapons rifles.


8. Ousting Saddam Hussein:

I am not taking a stance on war. However, Bush was able to achieve what two Presidents before him were not able to do. He took down Saddam Hussein and brought him to justice for the crimes against humanity.


9. Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003:

Individual gains, capital gains, dividends and estate taxes were eliminated. Unlike the 2001 cuts, these cuts were made at the right time. Citizens were also able to buy goods and claim them in their taxes.


10. Working Permits for Illegal Immigrants:

To decrease the chaos of illegal immigrants seeking amnesty in USA, Bush allowed for working visas. He was not willing to stand between employers hiring to fill positions which could not be filled by Americans.


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