Top 10 Most Sold Microsoft Operating System

Microsoft has continued to grow in leaps and bounds since its incorporation. After the introduction of its Windows Operating System in the market, there has been no looking back. Since the release of Windows 95, there has been several versions released in the market all offering better features than their predecessors.

Whereas competition from other software developers offering graphical user interface operating system has increased over the years, Microsoft Windows still remains one of the most preferred operating system for both business establishments and home users. The following are some of the reasons why Microsoft Windows is still the best in the market.

– Enhanced graphical user interface: Windows offer an easy to use graphical user interface even for a person who has no experience in computers, the interface offered can enable you to interact with the computer.

– Internet Security: Windows offers one of the best security platforms when surfing the web against online threats, i.e. viruses and spyware. The inbuilt firewall has been enhanced to scan inbound and outbound traffic. In addition, the windows defender scans your PC for threats.

– Parental Control: Now you can be able to take control of what you children browse on the internet using parental control. Using the feature, you can be able to restrict access to certain websites and applications, e.g. games.

Discussed herein are the top ten most sold Windows Operating systems:


1. Windows 7 Ultimate:

Windows 7 Ultimate is the latest version of Windows Operating System in the family. It comes with added features and benefits that were lacking in the previous versions. The following are some of the benefits of using Windows 7 Operating system:

o Improved Desktop: Unlike other versions of Windows, Windows 7 offers better navigation around your PC. The taskbar is much larger than before and now you can be able to pin most frequently used applications to it for one time access.

o Smart Search: Included in the start menu is a search box. This enables you to type whatever you are looking for and obtain the results instantly. The search results are grouped by category and you can be able to fine-tune the search results by making use of filters, i.e. date and file types.


2. Windows 7 Professional:

Windows 7 Professional has been designed especially for small businesses looking to get the most of Windows in terms of security and communication.


3. Windows Vista Ultimate:

Windows Vista Ultimate is a version in the family of Windows Vista. There are several benefits which one stands to gain by making use of Windows Vista Ultimate as outlined below:

o Easy Search: Windows Ultimate features Instant Search feature which makes it easy for one to find any file, i.e. music, image, email and video on their PC with ease. The live icon feature has been specially designed to display the contents of the file thus making is easy to find what you are looking for.

o Enhanced Security: Windows Ultimate makes use of Windows Defender which scans your computer for malware and issues alerts. If a threat has been detected, then the application provides the user with removal tools that ensures the threat is eliminated and normalcy returned.


4. Windows Vista Business:

Windows Vista Business offers improved features for business establishments. The four main pillars of Windows Vista Business are security, networking, manageability as well as mobile computers. Unlike other versions of Vista, Win-Vista Business offers better enhancements in security. Using the User Account Control feature, as an administrator, you can be able to minimize the amount of havoc a user can inflict in the system in addition to decreasing chances of malicious applications affecting its operation.


5. Windows 2003 Server:

Windows 2003 server has been specially designed to run on servers and not desktop computers. The operating system is well suited when planning to run and manage a local area network (LAN). It is an improvement of Microsoft NT System which was in use in the 90s. Unlike its predecessor, the operating system offered improved security and an active directory system enabling the management of files and layout control. Other features included fresh architecture and improved graphical user interface. It is more reliable as it has an uptime of 99.993%. This translates to approximately 40 minutes of downtime on a yearly basis. The downtimes are mainly attributed to reboots that takes about 6 minutes.


6. Windows Server 2008:

Coming hot on the heels of Windows 2003 Server is Windows 2008 Server. Just as Windows 2003, Windows 2008 Server is an operating system that has been specially designed for use in servers. Sold with Service Pack 1 (SP1), it offers a fresh virtualization technology which enables network administrators to deliver more enhanced capabilities to the business. The end result is increased information technology efficiency and agility. In addition, the virtualization enables users to consolidate multiple servers and build virtual desktop infrastructure.


7. Windows XP Professional:

If your business or home computer is still running on the old Window 95 or 98 operating system then you are losing valuable hours that would have been put to better use with each passing day. Windows XP Professional offers noteworthy benefits for businesses that can gain from the new features found in Windows XP Pro. Some of the features that makes Windows XP Pro a better operating system include: System restore, remote desktop assistance, client firewall, application compatibility mode and WLAN features.


8. Windows 2000 Pro:

Windows 2000 Pro is a successor of Windows 2000 and comes with enhanced features that lacked in the previous versions.


9. Windows XP Home Edition:

Windows XP Home Edition is a lesser version of Windows XP Pro. It costs less but lacks the features that are available in Windows XP Professional, for example, multiprocessor support and auto system recovery.


10. Windows 98:

Windows 98 was one of the early versions of Windows though it is rarely used today. It formed the basis on what the current versions of Windows operating systems have been built on.


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