Top 10 Things People Should Not Recycle But Do Anyways

People have a habit of putting un-recyclable things in the blue bin. Here are top 10 things people should not recycle but do anyways. The article provides insight as to why they should not.


1. Food:

Many people dump their food with boxes and other items that are recyclable. I really cannot imagine where people got the idea that food could be reused. It`s absolutely impossible. Food and other organic items belong in the green bin for composting.


2. Styrofoam:

People have a habit of putting Styrofoam cups and plates inside recycling bins, especially after drinking coffee or eating cake. It should not go inside the recycling bin because there is not enough material left after the item is broken down.


3. Soiled Items:

These are not recyclable either, despite what people think. On the street you would be surprised how many people do not follow instructions and put out soiled, dirty, stained aluminum foil, pizza boxes etc. in the blue bin. If there are too much soiled items, the contamination could cause everything else to go in the garbage bin.


4. Trash Bags:

Many people dump their contents that are recyclable into trash bags and then into blue bins. Trash bags do not belong in the blue bins. All items need to be separately spread out. If you run out of space, put the items in reusable boxes.


5. Paper Towel:

This happens more often than it should not. When in the washroom, people randomly put paper towel in recyclable bins. If the garbage is full, they turn to the blue bin to dump the contents. The only problem is that paper towels are not recyclable.


6. Electronics with Plastic and CRT Glass:

I’ve walked the streets and saw many people dumping their electronics into their blue bins. Many cities do not accept more than 2-3 garbage bags in 1 or 2 weeks. In order to get rid of the item faster, people resort to unbelievable measures. They fail to realize that the toxic material inside some electronics with plastic and CRT glass make them impossible to recycle.


7. Colored Paper:

These are not recyclable. It is hard to take out the dye used to make the paper in the recycling process. People believe that they can recycle any type of paper, in order to save the environment. However, this is not the case.


8. Drinking Glasses:

People think that because they can recycle bottled drinks, they can recycle drinking glasses. This is not the case. The recycling process can be contaminated, as a result. Remember: Not all glasses are made the same. Each has a different melting point.


9. Frozen Dinner Packages:

All boxes are different and this is no exception. Many people do not understand or differentiate between the different boxes and recycle frozen dinner packages. They are often sprayed with a plastic coating that protects the contents against freezer burns. Those who throw out these boxes in the blue bins cause contamination.


10. Clothes:

Throughout the week I saw people adding clothes, shoes and other fabrics into the recycling bin. If you have clothes you do not need, put them in the donations box.


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