Top 10 Things To Put In Plastic Bag

Surveying 100 people, I examined the top 10 ways people utilize plastic bags. People are creative, I shall add. One thing is clear, they are not being environmentally friendly. There are other alternatives that are reusable for everyone to use. Given this, here are the top 10 things people put in a plastic bag.


1. Garbage:

Almost everybody has a plastic bag where they stuff their garbage. This plastic bag is usually attached to a door knob or is put around a small garbage can which fits into rooms. Every week or two people would release their garbage contents by tying the plastic bags and throwing them into bigger garbage bags.


2. Food for Lunches, Work etc:

Although schools now teach to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle, many are not in total compliance. Children and sometimes adults still bring their food in plastic bags which they carry with them and throw out when done. To save the planet, they should rethink their actions by buying a reusable lunchbox.


3. Groceries:

Although grocery stores in Canada now charge 5 cents per plastic bag, many people are still not in compliance. They still buy plastic bags which do not help save the environment. Many forget while others are just lazy to retrieve their reusable bags wherever they decide to store them.


4. Valuables:

Walk around your city. Examine the different things people hold in their hands when walking. You’d be surprised to note that the things sticking out of their plastic bags are not groceries. I’ve seen people carry clothing, cameras and sometimes even wallets. We are in an era where backpacks and handbags are more popular. There is no need to carry a plastic bag full of essentials.


5. Books:

If you go to a bookstore and buy books, you definitely get a plastic bag to help you carry the books; for free. Many textbook and bookstores need to do a lot more to save the environment. They firstly need to eliminate the reliance on non-reusable plastic bags.


6. Dog Business:

You can laugh at this all you want, but it is true. When you see a dog owner walking his/her dog, they hold a plastic bag in their hand for poop and scoops. Owners will be fined if they do not pick up after their dog. In fact, it is seen as causing pollution to the environment.


7. Dry Cleaning & Clothes:

When you receive your clothes back from the dry cleaners, do you notice the bag that they put over it? Dry clean clothes are very popular in plastic bags. Many people who also walk to work will have a plastic bag filled with all clothes they would need to change when going to work.


8. Toothpaste:

All liquids including toothpastes need to be put in a clear plastic bag when going through security in the airport. They now take precautions as terrorists have been known to use usual bottles to carry explosive liquids.


9. Money:

Those who love hiding money will stuff it into a plastic bag. They will then proceed to wrap money and bag around to shorten and stuff it into a place where no one can find it. People are creative with money in plastic bags. Do you have a secret hiding place?


10. Photographs:

Many pictures which are old cannot fit into albums. Given this, many people have plastic bags full of old photographs.


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