Top 10 Bizarre Reasons to Call in Sick

Many times when employees call in sick, they actually are not. There are other underlying reasons which prevent employees from going to work. This article examines just 10 reasons, using survey results compiled on the subject.


1. Morning Fun:

Many individuals pull what I call a Homer Simpson. They are lazy. They prefer fooling around in bed and not actually go to work.


2. Important Event:

Many get excited about important events in their life, including trips, concerts as well as unexpected parties. To prevent consistent requests for days off for various reasons, they call in sick.


3. Bad Mood:

Many people who are in bad moods never admit it to their bosses. They basically see it as a reason to stay home and relax and take a chill pill. Telling the boss this could be grounds for dismissal…so they use the common excuse “I am sick”.


4. Court:

Many employees get a number of sick days they could use per year. This only applies to the person if he/she is actually sick. They cannot use it for purposes like court appearance. The person, who revealed this as his answer, said his worst nightmare came true when he saw someone from his work in court as well. Lots of explaining to do!


5. Extended Vacation:

Many people only get certain days to take a vacation. If they go over their limit, the days off are deducted from their paychecks. To prevent losing money, employees call in sick, quoting “I contracted a flu while on vacation.” This excuse allows some to use up their sick days, which are paid for occasionally.


6. Flu:

Usually when someone has the flu they call ahead of time to specify that they will not be in. Those who are actually sick mostly never call 10-30 minutes before work begins.


7. Lazy:

This is another Homer Simpson classic. I used to work at a fast food restaurant where people would call in sick simply because they did not want to work. Many jobs let employees get away, if replacement is found. Others ask for doctor’s note when returning.


8. No show:

When someone is a no show and is called upon by it, he/she uses the excuse that they were sick.


9. Stomach Aches:

Sometimes people get too excited the night before and eat or drink too much. When it comes to working in the morning, they feel grumpy and call in sick.


10. Pain:

If something hurts, people find it as a good excuse to call in sick. Most of the time, the pain does not prevent a person from doing his/her work.


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