Top 10 Things Forbidden To Do On Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is a day of atonement in the Jewish religion. It is also known as the holiest day for Jews. There are two major themes which the Jewish people practice on this day: atonement and repentance. Many spend the day at the synagogues, admitting to their sins and asking for forgiveness. When Yom Kippur ends, individuals have repented and made amends for the sins of the previous year.


The Leviticus decrees this day as strictly a day of rest. This means that there are certain things one cannot do on this day. The people are angels, which mean that they will not do anything angels cannot do. Here are 10 things you are not allowed to do.


1. Eat & Drink:

Jewish people cannot eat or drink because they represent angels (spiritual beings) who do not eat and drink. This is understood through oral traditions. Many misunderstand and drink water during Yom Kippur. You can eat or drink up to 20 minutes before Yom Kippur starts.


2. Drive:

Just like on Shabbat, the Jewish people are not allowed to drive on Yom Kippur. Driving is seen as a form of labor. The Leviticus strictly stipulates that this is a day of rest. All regular activities must stop.


3. Brush Teeth/Wash:

You cannot put anything in your mouth or on your body. If you brush your teeth and wash yourself, you will need water. If you gulp water, you go against the oral traditions which state that you are not allowed to eat or drink or wash.


4. Touching food:

Jewish laws make exceptions for those who have kids. You are allowed to feed kids under 13.


5. Make-up:

As much as it is hard for the ladies, you need to be pure, spiritual. This means no make-up, even if there is a pimple.


6. Marital relations:

If you are having marital relations, you are not resting. This goes against the Leviticus.


7. Leather Shoes:

There is a strict prohibition of wearing animal skin.


8. Big Meals the Night Before:

You are not allowed to eat big meals the evening before the Day of Atonement. You are only allowed to eat a hearty lunch the day before and have water the evening before the holiday begins.


9. No shopping:

It is seen as taboo to be going out into public places shopping, exchanging money and even eating.


10. Technology:

There is no indication in the Talmud about this. Many assume that Yom Kippur is similar to Shabbat. They thus do not use the telephone and do not turn on electricity or use it.


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