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Software also known as a program is a set of instructions that guide a computer on what to do. Alternatively, a software or program can be defined as a set of instructions stored in a computer memory for a specific purpose. Virtually all electronic devices have some sort of software installed in them. It is for this reason that they are referred to as computerized devices. Everything that a computer or electronic device does is as a result of the software installed in it. For example, word processing, gaming, internet browsing and spreadsheet amongst other activities done in a computer is as a result of the software installed in it.

Software or programs can be classified into two main groups, i.e.:

– Operating System Software.

– Application Software,

Application software enables the computer system to run and examples include Windows, Linux and Mac OS amongst others. Application software on the other hand enables PC users to be able to do their day to day activities on the computer, e.g. surfing, word processing, gaming and desktop publishing. Commonly used application software are Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader and Safari Browser amongst others.

Discussed herein are the world’s top ten software companies:


1. IBM

IBM an acronym for International Business Machines is a Computer Company that was established in the 1880s. Since its inception, IBM has managed to engage in several business ventures involving technologies and for a long time was the US government main provider for various technological services. IBM is known worldwide as the pioneer of the modern computers but, very few recognize it as a software manufacturer. Nonetheless, IBM does engage in software development and has developed some of the most complex platforms used on IBM servers.


2. Microsoft

If there is a software manufacturing company that has humble beginnings then it has to be Microsoft. Microsoft is an American public multinational corporation. It has its main offices in Redmond, Washington in the United States. Microsoft is in the business of developing, manufacturing, licensing and supporting extensive assortments of platforms and services that are related to computers. It has different product divisions that have been tasked to develop solutions for various computing needs. Microsoft was initially established to create and market Basic Interpreters. These are raw programs that required an individual with extensive computing knowledge to understand. Its rise to fame was the MS-DOS program designed for IBM computers. Later on it became a major contender for home computer operating system that was to be followed with its famous office suite.


3. Google

Google is famed as one of the world’s largest search engine. Millions of online users worldwide use the search engine for their basic needs. Just like Microsoft, Google is an all American multinational public corporation that has interests in internet search, online advertising and cloud computing. Other than internet search services, Google also creates several online based services and makes a large chunk of its revenues from advertising using an applications referred to as AdWords and AdSense. Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while studying for their Ph.D. courses in 1998.


4. Accenture

Accenture is a software development company that was incorporate as a worldwide management consulting and technology outsourcing in the Bermuda, but, was to later be incorporated afresh in the United States. To date, Accenture is the world’s biggest consulting company as well as being a leading player in technology consulting.



SAP AG is a software manufacturing company that was incorporated in Germany. It mainly develops and sells enterprise software applications and offers software support for all kinds of businesses worldwide. It headquarters is in Walldorf, Germany. In addition, it has regional offices distributed globally to facilitate some of its international businesses. As an enterprise software developer, it is the biggest in its field globally. In Europe, it is the topmost software developers while the fifth globally. Application programs synonymous with the company are SAP BusinessObjects Software and SAP Enterprise Resource Planning.


6. Hewlett Packard – HP

Hewlett Packard commonly known as HP amongst a majority of computer users is a multinational information technology that has been incorporated in America and has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The company has its humble beginning in single car garage in Palo. Its founders are Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. It is one of the largest information technology company that not only develops software for its products but also manufactures computers, network hardware and printers. HP has its business focused on households and businesses In addition it is involved in online distributions of application program.


7. Yahoo

Yahoo Inc. is a public corporation that has been incorporated in the United States and has its headquarters situated in Sunnyvale, California. It’s main business focus internet. Yahoo Inc. is well famed for search engine, Yahoo! Mail, web portal and advertising amongst others.


8. CA Technologies

CA Technologies that was formerly referred to as CA, Inc. as well as Computer Associates Inc. that was incorporated in the United States and has business interests worldwide. It headquarters is locate in Islandia, New York. The company’s core is safeguarding IT environments and assisting business enterprises as well as corporate organizations to offer better IT services.


9. Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation is well known worldwide for its Oracle Database that is popularly used by a majority of corporate organizations as well as medium sized business enterprises. However, the company also develops and sells middle-tier application, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as supply chain management (SCM).


10. Capgemini

Capgemini is a French Corporation that specializes in IT services. It is well known for its management consulting, professional services and outsourcing services. It has its headquarters in Paris and other regional offices worldwide.


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