Top 10 Ideas for Making your Music worthy of Movies and Television Shows

Are you an independent artist trying to make your music go global? Answered yes? Well, you must have then thought of engaging in the task of licensing your music for making the composition available for movies and television shows. After all, a licensed music always holds a better chance of crediting you with the recognition rather than making you fall prey to the illicit activities dominating the musical industry.


Authenticating the music composition under your name helps attaining potential career boost, as it helps gaining international credibility and visibility. However, when it comes to music licensing, most young artists fail to take a good start at the action. Here is a quick look at the top 10 tips that might help an independent artist secure position in the industry with his or her composition, when the task of licensing come up-


1. Maintain a Perfect Format and Level

Mastering your tracks with the correct formatting and volume level holds the main key. When it comes to file format, remember to keep it diverse ranging from low-rez MP3 to higher-rez AIFF or WAV files.


2. Go with your Best Composition Creation

When it comes to licensing and making a mark in the industry, it is always advisable that you choose your best creation. Take advice from friends and family in the matter of choosing the best creation.


3. Include All Information for the Music Supervisor

Be it a digital file or a hard CD, always remember to include all information that might be required by the music supervisor for going ahead with the task of music licensing. Information must include writers, names, tracks, publishers, label, and contact address.


4. Make your Composition Recognizable

Since, you are a beginner in the field trying hard for recognition, always consider associating your music composition with something that is more known and global.


5. Persistence is the Key

Since, the competition is strict in the industry, you must always learn to be persistent. Always remember that you are marketing your composition and therefore, you must push things to the farthest and never give up in the middle.


6. Maintain a Strong Connection

In the musical industry, you must strive to maintain a strong connection for going forward in the business. A number of companies are open to working with independent artists; you must get the connection straight with those agencies.


7. Register your Composition with the PRO

If you are a composer or a songwriter, you must always remember to get your composition registered with the Performing Rights Organization (PRO) for achieving monetary benefits through the composition.


8. Contact Proper Music Licensing Agencies

To ensure that your composition is licensed properly; always make sure to get in touch with a agencies holding a name and recognition in the service of music licensing.


9. Get in Touch with Acclaimed Artists

If you have anyone known in the industry, get in touch with him or her for seeking advice related to licensing your music. You must always be open to suggestions.


10. Know the Licensing Type

When it comes to licensing your composition for use in commercials, movies, or television shows, you must know the type that is required for the actual purpose.


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