Top 10 Fun Drinking Games

Writing an article about the top 10 games can take forever, so here is a list of the Top 10 Fun Drinking Games for you and your friends to play. They are ranked based on how fun they are and the list contains only games made specifically for drinking. Many of these games are played in college dorm rooms, house parties, kitchen tables, or at bars. Try one and let us know how it went.


1. Flip, Sip & Strip

Flip, Sip and Strip

The fun drinking game is best played with 3 to 5 people, but with more people, the game will last longer. The rules are quite simple. You flip a coin and while it is in the air,  you call heads or tails. If you guess right, you get to pass the coin to the person on your right. If you guess wrong, pass the coin to your left and either take one piece of clothing off or drink a shot. One catch, you cannot do the same thing (sip or strip) two times in a row.  Not recommended for children under the age of 18.


2.  Anchor Man

anchor man


Nobody needs an incentive to drink beer. But the act of imbibing alcoholic fluids can become somewhat tedious. After exhausting all possible subjects of conversation, including football, sex and (god forbid) politics you sometimes grind to a halt. Should you sit there and continue to drink, as is your duty as a college student? Or should you look for ways of livening up the experience?

You need a quarter, a pitcher of beer and  two teams of 4 people each.

To play this easy to learn drinking game You pour the beer into the pitcher. For hard core drinkers, fill it up all the way. For normal people, you can fill up the pitcher half way. Each team alternates in play by attempting to bounce the quarter into the pitcher. The team that gets the quarter in the pitcher chooses the person to be the “anchor” for the opposing team. This team then must pass the pitcher around, each player taking a drink/sip from the pitcher. The anchor is the last to go and finish off the remaining beer in the pitcher. Get read to get drunk.


3. Beer Blow

Beer Blow


For these drinking games, all you need is a deck of cards, an empty bottle, and 3 or more people to play.

Place a deck of cards on an empty bottle. Each player blows cards off the deck from the bottom. The one who blows the last card off the bottle must drink one bottle of beer.

Special rule: If an ace is spotted among the cards that were just blown off, the blower needs to drink the beer. If two aces were spotted, they must drink two beers etc. Cool Game? I played this game when I went to college and totally loved it.


4. Suck Me

suck me

Everyone who participates in Suck Me need to sit in a circle and the first person picks up a card from a pack of cards in the middle and holds it against his/her lips only by sucking in air quickly through the mouth. They must then pass the card to the person on their left who receives the card by sucking the card as hard. This carries on until one player drops the card. The person who drop the card is then invited to the drink the number on the card. The game starts with a new card from the top of the pack. The game can be played by both girls and guys.


5.  Fuzzy Duck

fuzzy duck

This is a very fun drinking game that involves you pronouncing variations of ‘Fuzzy Duck’. Once you are familiar with the rules and you’ve had a few drinks this is a great game to watch and learn.

You may begin the game by saying “fuzzy duck” to the person to your left. That person then says “fuzzy duck” to the person on his/her left. This continues until someone decides to change the direction of play by saying “does he”. “Does he” changes the direction and the phrase that is said. Not only does the direction change but the people must say “ducky fuzz.” Now the game is going to the right with “ducky fuzz.” The direction is then changed back by saying “duzzy.” The words to say go back to “fuzzy duck.”

Any screw-ups => drink. After awhile when the mistakes are more frequent, it turns into a really awesome drinking game, especially for those who love fraternities.


6. Beer Pong

beer pong

A classic American Drinking Game that involves lining up glasses of beer on either side of a table and trying to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing teams cups. It gets very exciting as the game comes to the climax.

You will need at least 2 people to play, 12-14 Cups and a Ping Pong Ball.

If a ball lands in a cup, then the contents of that cup are consumed by the other team nd the cup is either placed aside or re-placed into the triangle. If the cup is reinserted and the other team knocks the cup over, it is removed. If the opposing team throws the ball into an empty cup, they must consume the contents of one of their cups. The first side to eliminate all of the opponent’s cups is the winner.


7. Screw the Dealer

screw the dealer


This involves you guessing the next card. If you get it wrong, you get to drink up. If you get it right, the dealer is screwed and he needs to drink up. Very simple to play and whole lot of fun as you try to guess the outcome. Each participants gets two chances to guess.

Although simple, there are a lot of rules in this drinking game, but once you learn them you’ll have fun. If you have played the drinking game and like it, you can play “Smoke or Fire”.

8. Boat Races

boat races

This game needs to have more than 4 people. You begin it by separating people into even teams and stand them at a table facing their opposing player. On the signal, the first drinkers of each team chugs their beer and places the empty glass upside down on their head. Then the next player and so on until the last person in line is done. First team to finish is the winner.


9. Asshole


A fun game for 4+ people and using a deck of cards.  You basically get to ordered around by other players based on your rank. Sounds like fun? It really is. Be sure not to become the “asshole” and  taking the last place. You will be buying everyone beers and doing a lot of drinking yourself.


Roles in the Game

President The last person who won is the President. This means that you will get to give your worst card to the Asshole in exchange for their best. You may also make anyone drink at anytime for anything you want to. Depending on the rules you may have to win a certain number of games before you can become the official President.

Asshole You where the last person with cards in the previous round. This means you must deal, clear the cards, as well forfeit your best card to the President in exchange for their worst. 

Special Cards

2 – Clear (♣♠♥♦): This card is a clear, no matter what is played this card clears the round and the person who uses it goes again with a fresh round.
3 – Wild (♣♠♥♦): This is a wild card or two 3’s played is a clear. A player may choose its value to be anything except a 2. Note that this card DOES NOT take the place of a natural card (to skip a player or count towards the completing of a number set.)
4 of Clubs (♣): Before there is a President, the player with the 4 of clubs starts the game by laying down that card only.


10. Circle of Death

circle of death

This is more of a social game, involving a deck of cards and 4 or more people.  It allows for a lot of interaction between players. Sometimes creativity and fast thinking is useful and makes the game more interesting. This is one of the few games where there is no winner or loser, just drinking and having fun!

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