Top 10 Things Why Fast Foods Are Unhealthy

Most of the Indians love fast food like bees love honey. In recent times, we have seen the increase of junk food dramatically. Junk food contains more tasty elements than healthy elements. Usually human immune system won’t accept high calorie food. This causes more disorders in the human system. People suffer from health upsets, constipation, and dehydration due to such junk foods.

First basic necessity for a human being is health. In olden days people used to live more than 100 years healthily, but apparently that is not the case these days.Actually speaking, fast food has been very fattening. The production process involved in creating fast food added a lot of greasy and fat content to foods. They are quick but at the same time they spoil our health at a faster rate.

If we have good health, we can earn anything in this world. So it’s good to be health conscious. Junk, that means something extra. junk food is a food with high calorie content that tastes good with less nutritional value. However, if you are health conscious and worried about how the food you eat might be harming your body secretly then here are the 10 convincing reasons for backing off from junk food.


1. Junk food causes Obesity.

High calorie, unhealthy fat.. All these are extra empty energy. Something extra will definitely go sit on your hips. It won’t allow you to fit inside skinny jeans. Presently, we see 1 in 10 people obese. Extra calories in a junk food lead to epidemic obesity. It’s very easy to put on weight, but it’s really hard to reduce the same. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems. High bad cholesterol levels in our body are hard to cut down. Usually high calorie content will not be broken by enzymes in our body. If it remains unbroken it’s again a dead energy. Here we can understand one thing that an onset of a disease is just the dis-functionality of enzymes in our body. Even after knowing why should we give space for such disorders? Our health in our hands. Avoid Junk and stay healthy.


2. Increased sugar levels.!

Fast food preparation units add artificial sweeteners to our food. It may give the required taste but it is absolutely unhealthy. Anything artificial will not suit human body so easily.The reason is twofold: Loading up on sugar-sweetened junk food tends to lead to weight gain, which is a risk factor for diabetes. Second, sugar-loaded drinks deliver a quick rush of sugars to your body, which over time can lead to insulin resistance and inflammation. So once in a while it’s fine. Every day junk meal is not advisable.


3. Quick and dead food..

These foods are called fast foods only for this reason. They are quickly and easily prepared , but the question is that ‘is our food cooked properly ?’ . No one in this world has patience to wait for healthy food , as long as it tastes good. since junk food is a quick food, but it supplies a lot of poor nutritional energy to our body . Empty energy causes a lot of discomfort in our health conditions. So just don’t go for quick food, it might be risky.! Hence learn the art of saying no to such foods.


4. More salty and spicy…

Usually in junk food we find increased salt and spice levels. This might be very tasty but it starts harming your body secretly. Increased salt level will directly lead to increase in blood pressure levels. In recent times, we have seen many young people suffering from blood pressure, hypertension etc. these are purely due to the unhealthy food habits. In this fast paced world, not only fast foods are increasing but also the rate of diseases. We all know that salt is an ambiguous ingredient. Neither salt should be more, nor it should be less, it will spoil the dish either ways. Same ambiguity analogy can be given for human body as well.


5. High Calorie content.

Fast foods are tasty convenient food served at reasonable price. Many people even after knowing that they contain more calories, they visit these restaurants for their main meal . We need around 400-600 calories in a normal healthy meal. But this junk food meal provides us about 200 and odd extra calories compared to a normal meal. These extra calories are accumulated in the body and are not used to release energy .These calories get collected in the blood vessel and will lead increased pressure in heart, to pump the blood. All these finally end up in hypertension and other heart related disorders.


6. Low quality food served .

We don’t need an expert opinion on junk food to say that they don’t use the best quality ingredients. They make delicious food by the cheapest parts of the product available. When you are eating you don’t even have the single clue , what and which part you eating, came from. So it’s better to get the required ingredients home and prepare at home. These junk food preparation units give more importance to quantity more than quality.


7. Food safety will not be maintained.

Sad to say, many employees hired for cooking food are not provided with necessary training and food safety education . People preparing these burgers wouldn’t have washed their hands before they serve your food.These might lead to food poisoning. Some contagious diseases spread through unclean food and unhealthy maintenance. These junk food preparation units don’t give much importance to clean and healthy environment that is because people are not much bothered about it. Usually it is human tendency that we always like food prepared by someone else more the ones prepared by us, no matter how unclean it is.


8. Poor Nutritional value.

Usually, we find burgers, fries to be more tasty and tempting. Here, the preferred cooking method is “deep frying”. Any food for that matter , deep fried would be more oily , will have high fat content .On daily basis there is certain amount of proteins and vitamins, that is needed for a healthy life style. Though these foods have protein and vitamins, deep frying the food will vilify those good effects. Artificial sweeteners in desserts provide poor nutritional value. People should not eat food for the sake of good taste, sometimes we should decide our food by the nutritional value as well.


9. Scary preservatives.

“Oh god!! My food looks so delicious..!!”

Each one of us would have had this feeling, when we see our yummy junk food.. But do you know the fact that they look so colorful and mouth watering due to chemical colors and preservatives? Yeah, a hard fact behind a yummy junk food is that they would have used colors and preservatives more than the required amount. There are healthy preservatives available in market for cooking , but these are little expensive . Hence people go for cheaper and unhealthy products. These ideas fool people by making the food prettier than it is.


10. Animal fats added.

You’ve any idea about how poorly animals are kept when they’re being led to slaughter? Well, thank god if you haven’t.Many of these factory-farmed animals are kept in such a small space they are forced to stand in their own feces.To keep the animals from getting sick in these conditions,they are pumped full of antibiotics, which end up in our food. We often won’t bother much about the ingredients used in a snack items. Like we find KFC fire grill and fries to be yummy… but we don’t think if the chicken used was healthy or not. These facts not only make us stop eating junk foods but also make us vegetarian by choice. Many new diseases like bird flu , swine flu are due to intake of such meat which is infected.

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  1. Halidom

    Talk about preservatives I read a story about a guy cleaning his car and found a bag with a 2 year old hamburger in it and says it looked as fresh as the day he bought it.


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