Top 10 Lesser Known Serial Killers

We all know about serial killers like Jack the Ripper and Charles Manson but there are some that are virtually unheard of. However, this does not mean that they weren’t as ruthless or heartless- just that they managed to remain in the shadows.


1. John Robinson

According to research, over 11 women have been linked to this serial killer- they are either missing or dead. He carried out these murders over a course of 16 years and made sure that some of them would never be found. Robinson had four children and was passionate about two things- murder and money.


2. Larry Eyler

Larry Eyler attacked his victims and killed them on highways which is why he was referred to as the Highway Killer. He would lure men towards secluded area, beat them up and murder them. His victims were almost always disemboweled. Eyler eventually confessed that he had killed 21 people.


3. Peter Kurten

Kurten killed young women every week during 1929. The bodies would be found horribly mutilated and slashed to death. He confused the police and made it seem like he was helping them find the bodies. This serial killer killed over 30 people but allegedly said that he would have liked to kill more simply because he enjoyed it.


4. Arthur Shawcross

After a brief stint with the army, Shawcross returned to America and married four different women over the years. He started killing young boys and girls in 1972- he would take them to isolated areas and strangle them to death. He spent 15 years in jail after which he started killing prostitutes.


5. Bobby Joe Long

Long would first rape women and then murder them- he took nine lives in 1 year. He was very accident prone when he was growing up and his mother was overly protective of him. By the time he was arrested, he had killed 9 and raped 50 women.


6. Carl Panzram

Carl Panzram spent many years in jail where he was tortured, beaten and sexually abused. By the time he came out, he was full of hatred. He killed people in different parts the world including Europe, South America and Scotland. In Africa, he killed his victims and fed their bodies to crocodiles. Panzram also raped and murdered two young boys.


7. Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe killed 13 women and attacked seven others but let them go. His most brutal crime was committed on a middle-aged women who was walking down the street one night. He hit her on the head till she fainted and then cut open her stomach but ran away without killing her.


8. Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Nilsen liked to kidnap young boys and force them to sleep over at his house. He would then kill these boys because he was scared that they would leave him. He kept the dead bodies in his house and made them pose all around to make it look like they were eating or bathing or sleeping.


9. Fritz Haarmann

Fritz Haarmann seduced a young boy and spent several months in jail. 5 years later Fritz told them that he had killed a boy and hidden his head in his apartment- in the kitchen to be precise.

10. Gerard Schaefer

Gerard Schaefer was arrested in 1973 for killing two people but it is said that he killed 30 more. Because he was an ex-policemen, women would trust him enough to follow him after which he would rape, mutilate and murder them.

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    dennis nielson didn’t kill young boys, he picked up gays in bars then took them home and killed them, cut them up, boiled them or burnt them in his back garden, when he moved house he hid bits of them under the floor or boiled them and flushed them as he had no garden, oh yes i think he bummed them when they were dead.


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