Top 10 Amazing Mount Everest Facts

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6. First ones to reach the summit.

First ones to reach the summit

Several attempts were made to reach the summits but the first successful expedition was made in 1953. In 1953, climber Edmund Hillary from new Zealand and Sherpa tenzing Norgay from Nepal were the first ones to reach the summit of Everest. However, tenzing Norgay had tried it 6 times to reach the peak before successfully reaching the summit with Hillary. Sir Edmund Hillary’s son peter Hillary has also reached the summit in 1990. And they became the first pair of father and son to do so, though Tenzing’s son also reached summit few years later. Till now peter has climbed the Everest 5 times.


7. Its Differentiating Characteristic: Height.


Until the great trigonometric survey of India (1856) no one knew that it is the tallest mountain in the world. Then, Kanchenjunga was considered to be the tallest mountain. Everest is 8848 meters (29029 ft.) above the sea level and fifth tallest mountain measured from the centre of the earth. An Indian mathematician radhnath sikander was the first person to put a quantitative figure to the height of the mountain. He made his calculations using trigonometric methods. ‘Burj khalifa’ a building in Dubai, broke the record for both world’s tallest building and world’s tallest man-made structure in 2010, with the height of 829 meters. Everest is 10 times taller than this tallest man-made structure. If this does not sound tall enough, then imagine 643 double decked busses one upon the other. That is how tall Mount Everest is.


8. The Name Game.

Name Game

There is a history belonging to the name of the mountain. In 1856, when the great Trigonometric Survey of British India begun they designated peaks based on roman numerals and they called Everest as ‘peak 15’. Later in 1865, it was renamed by Royal Geographical Society, upon the recommendation of Andrew Waugh, in the honor of retired Surveyor General of India, Sir George Everest. Thus peak 15’s official name became ‘Mount Everest’. Though in Nepal and Tibet people still call it by its regional names. In Nepal Everest is called ‘Sagarmatha‘ meaning ‘forehead of the sky’ and in Tibet Everest is called ‘chomolangma’ meaning ‘the mother of the universe’. However rest of the world calls it ‘mount Everest’.


9. The Record Setters.

Record Setters

There are endless records that have been set on this mountain which in itself is a record setter of tallest mountain. Here I mention a few amazing records. The first woman to summit Everest was Junko Tabei of Japan in 1975. 18 years later Rebecca Stephens became the first British woman to reach the peak of Everest. The oldest person to reach the peak was Japanese Miura Yiuchiro, age 80 on May 23, 2013. The oldest woman to reach the top was Japanese Tamae Watanabe, age 73, in 2012 from the north. The youngest person to summit was American Jordan Romero, age 13, on May 23, 2010 from the north side. The youngest person to summit from the south side was Nepali Nima Chemji Sherpa on May 19, 2012. Thus no one is behind in making records, neither women nor elder people. The charm of Mount Everest has mesmerized all. Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi both hold the record for most summits with 21, the most recent one in 2013. The British record is held by Kenton Cool who has now climbed to the summit of Everest 11 times. An Indian woman who lost her leg after she was thrown from a moving train two years ago she has become the first female amputee to climb Everest. And here is a couple who got married on the summit, on May 30, 2005, Prem Dorjee Sherpa and Moni Mulepati became the first couple to get married at the summit.


10. Statistics


Every year hundreds of climbers try to reach the summit of Everest, some succeed, some fail. Astonishing are the numbers of those curious and courageous souls who made an effort. About 3,668 mountaineers have summited Everest once and another 2,540 have reached the summit multiple times. Thus, total 6,208 summits of Everest have been made till June 2012. 1974 was the last year in which no one climbed the Everest summit. There are two most popular routes for climbing the mountain, one is Nepal side route and another is Tibet side route. The Nepal side is more popular with 3877 summits as compared to 2331 summits from the Tibet side. Women are as courageous as men are, 363 women have summited till June 2012. 178 climbers summited without supplemental oxygen through June 2012, about 2.8%, though all of us know at high altitudes it is tough to breathe without supplemental oxygen.

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